Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NBA Notes... and buildup to the Madness!

Okay, I'm back on regular programming now. First off, let's tackle notable games from the NBA:

NBA Games of the Week -
Dallas beat ATL on 2/26 in OT behind a triple double by Jason Kidd, and a superior rebounding advantage (50-41). ; The Lakers beat Denver on 2/28 by going 8 for 16 behind the arc with Artest showing old form and hitting 4 of 7; JR Smith went 1 for 7 (but Kobe was only 3 for 17 in the game); Denver destroyed OKCity by 29 on 3/3 as they owned every statistical category; Orlando edged the Lakers on 3/7 by having a rebounding advantage (50-39) and Vince Carter hitting 13 of 14 FTs.

This week:
Lakers @ Suns - 3/12
Boston @ Cleveland - 3/14
Utah @ OKCity - 3/14

NCAA - Championship Week -
-As usual, it's basketball 24-7 from here until Selection Sunday. Let's check in on the bubble teams with something to play for:
Currently, ESPN's last 4 in are: Memphis?, Arizona State?, San Diego State, and Illinois. The last 4 out are: Washington, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, and Ole Miss?. has Memphis, Ariz State, OUT and instead has Seton Hall and Ole Miss IN. Seton Hall got beat down by Notre Dame tonight... so they will have to sweat it out. It's funny, because I didn't realize they were a legitimate contender so I didn't even analyze them last weekend. Oh well!

-I think the funniest thing is how the PAC-10 is probably going to be... a 1-bid league! To say it's a down year is an understatement.

-One of the strangest phenomenons going on right now? It's Notre Dame... these guys have been playing amazingly since Harangody tweeked his knee. Then tonight, Harangody came back... and they still won. I'm really not sure what to make of it all. His teammates are really good and need to get more involved I think.


Mighty Mike said...

Seton Hall beat Cornell - which is considered a good win.

I'd be more surprised about Notre Dame but there are a number of inconsistent teams in the Big East (G-town, UConn, Louisville). I'm assuming today will make or break a lot of teams.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

true, true. The Big East is a complete crap-shoot, no doubt.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

true, true. The Big East is a complete crap-shoot, no doubt.