Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mighty Mailbag : NFL Draft 3/30

With a little more than 3 weeks to go until the NFL Draft (now for 3 whole days!) a few question and answers. Unfortunately I have to kind of answer my own mail due to economic cutbacks in the mail department.....

Who Will Be the #1 Pick?
The Rams, short a huge change, are going to draft QB Sam Bradford (of OU/Cherokee Nation) Bradford has fully healed from his injuries and his Pro Day has people buzzing. It's hard not to take a QB at #1 and with new ownership the Rams will look for a new face for the franchise.

What About the Other QBs?
Good question. Jimmy Claussen will probably be taken in the top 10 (best guess #4 to Washington). After Claussen there might be a loong wait till the next QB is taken. Colt McCoy is a probable 2nd pick with Tony Pike/Dan Levour (Central Michigan) in the 3rd-4rth round. It's a pretty sparse year for the QB position.

Ok ....Tebow?
Tebow is expected to go anywhere from #15 to sometime in the 3rd round. All bits of quantifiable data/eyes point to the fact that Tebow is at best a big project. However Tebow has hype and athleticism (anyone really want to say the NFL never drafts on upside?). I assume ESPN will have Tebow vision up and running starting mid first round as no one is sure when he'll get picked.

So what is good about this Draft?
Oddly it's a very deep draft at non-skill positions. Offensive/defensive lines and linebacker are supposed to have great value all throughout the draft.

Movers and Shakers?
The prime possible mover might be the Eagles who have been dangling Donovan Mcnabb for a top 40 pick - such a move would reshape the NFC. The Browns have squirreled away 12 picks (3 3s and 3 5s) and could easily trade up. Likewise given the depth look for teams to trade down (ahem Patriots).

As always please feel free to send questions as I'll answer them in next week's mailbag. Assuming we still have a research department....

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

I can't believe Tebow could go in the 1st round. It just seems shocking to me, because I honestly can't believe he's a QB.

I'm also excited to see how the Browns screw things up. They always find a way to do that!