Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cheers and Jeers: Bonecrusher Edition

That's right boys and girls its NFL time which means..... its the return of Cheers and Jeers. This week also happens to include To a happiest of happy birthday to our very own MJ. MJ will be making his yearly pilgrimage to the fetid swamp that in theory is in charge of the US. While the plans of what the Birthday Includes Here are Few Expected Highlights

File photo of MJ

Early Afternoon - For those that are unaware MJ has an intense dislike of mules. I think it has something to do with the incident where a mule forced him into the trucking business but I'm not sure. In any event due to gasoline prices MJ will be forced to travel by casino boat. During the journey while MJ will win a small presbyterian church and then leverage it for a bottle of bourbon, brownest of the brown liquors. MJ always places liquor above religion (I think this also might have something to do with mules)

Later Afternoon - Sunday - Everything will be blurry after the bourbon. I can only assume that it will end in at least one of the following outcomes: 1) Harry Reid being blinded by a Jumbo Slice 2) Me being duct taped to a clown 3) Curses at the heat emanating for the Swamp that passes itself off as the seat of American power 4) Flaming bag of poop being mailed to Bill Simmons 5) More Bourbon

Anyway without further ado cheering and jeering

Cheers - To the NFC East. Between the Redskins trade for Twinkle Toes Taylor and the Giants shipping Shockey out for a second round draft pick and a case of heinkein they've made sure everyone is watching NFL training camp. It seems to hard not to think the Saints have a pretty potent offense now.

Jeers - To Carson Palmer. Look Carson I realize time with Chad Johnson has made you loopy enough to think that hot dog ads are the way to market yourself. Anyway I just wanted to take the time to tell you to suck it.

Cheers: To the Original Captain Chaos...Chris Cooley and his great guest post at KSK

Cheers: To great ad placement. From my understanding that ad is real, just the place (somewhere called California) is fake
Jeers: 30 odd days till the start of College Football. I can't wait. Who knows what'll happen this year? Bobby Petrino v. Nick Saban? Really can a stadium truly handle the amount of douchebaggery?

And now your Cheers and Jeers Gal of the Week.....Emily Scott. Who seems to have misplaced her pants

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