Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The Mets STILL don’t get it. Team owner Fred Wilpon says he “screwed up” during the whole Randolph firing fiasco but, in typical Mets fashion, he’s missing the point of HOW he screwed up. Firing Willie Randolph the next day wouldn’t have made it any better. The point is that the Mets never should’ve let Willie Randolph get on a plane to Anaheim.

If the Mets were resolved to fire their manager, they should’ve done it immediately after their last home game. Making the man board a plane to the west coast just to manage the ballclub one last time (a victory, by the way) was the mistake, not the timing of the firing (although that was a disaster too).

The Mets are a pathetic joke of ineptitude and self-deception. Sensitivity and perceptiveness are not their strong suits.

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