Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Josh Hamilton

I’m going to the All-Star Game tonight. I’m beyond excited and I can’t wait for the player introductions, the first pitch, and the chance to cheer (or boo) for all the players out there. After last night’s Home Run Derby, I will be cheering for someone I’ve stood up for in the past but have never really cared about one way or another.

I have no clue how to upload a video so I’ll have to ask you to watch this and then think about the following:

Watching Josh Hamilton put on that kind of display was a lot of fun. Granted, it would be hard to do that in game conditions but it was still neat to see balls hit and land in places that I’ve never seen before.

The kid wasted a lot of his youth polluting his body and trying to kill himself. As a result, it’s unlikely that he’ll have the longevity required to climb the ladder of great players. But, for one night, it must’ve been amazing for him to get his name chanted by the fans at Yankee Stadium. I hope that memory sustains him for life and reminds him that staying clean can lead to more great memories. Had he died, he’d never have had the chance to live for last night’s fun. I don’t mean to preach, I’m just really proud of Josh Hamilton and I can’t wait to clap for him in person.

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