Thursday, July 31, 2008

Green Bay, Favre Reach New Levels Of Insanity

Despite the giant middle finger directly below that beckons us to not talk about a certain former drug-addicted quarterback who is now high on the stench of his own narcissism, this most recent development – if true – is patently absurd.

Why would the Green Bay Packers want to pay someone $20M to stay home? It’s not money that counts against the salary cap so if the owner wants to be reckless with an amount I can’t even dream of, then that’s his business. That being said, this situation is getting out of hand. As much as Brett Favre’s indecisiveness is both infuriating and selfish, I don’t quite understand why the Packers are being so obstinate in their refusal to take him back. And if you don’t want him on your team, why not just make a trade to send him to the Jets, Falcons, Panthers, or some other non-NFC North team that desperately needs a QB? The Packers certainly need Brett Favre more than he needs them. Keeping him out of camp out of spite seems outrageous to me, especially if the Packers are committed to winning football games in 2008.

Paying him to stay home is preposterous. Either let him come back and play for the Packers or trade him to another city. A bribe is beyond all levels of comprehension. Frankly, I wish both parties nothing but the worst. I hope the Packers go 1-15 and I hope Favre goes to another team and sucks beyond words. They both deserve the misery.

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