Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Future Is Now - Say Hello to Shawn Kemp Jr!

It may only be the year 2008, but some amazing things took place this past week that I did not think would be happening now, but only sometime in the future...

1) 17-year old Shawn Kemp Jr. has arrived in the media, as Shawn Jr. is a top-100 prospect being pursued by half of the SEC! I did not think I would be reading about any of Shawn Kemp's 7? children until at least 2012. Kemp's Kids should dominate both male and female athletics for many years... at least some half-brothers and half-sisters have been contacting Shawn Jr. on MySpace so there's still hope for a starting five of Kemp's Kids on an NBA team.

2) Marty McFly's shoes from 2015 are now available... in the year 2008! Nike may have only produced 350 pairs of the sneakers that Marty wore in Back to the Future Part II, but you'd think they would have waited until 2015. Perhaps in 2015, the shoes will actually self-tie themselves.

3) The Philadelphia 76ers are trying to win it all this season, now that they creatively acquired Elton Brand, who took less money to try to win it all with the 76ers! I thought they were still a few players short, but the sudden teaming of PF Elton Brand, SF Iguodala, C Dalembert, SG L. Williams, PG A. Miller could challenge the Celtics this year, so long as Elton Brand's body doesn't get injured.

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