Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There's Just Something About the McCown Brothers!

I don't know why, but I have never found a pair of more irrelevant NFL QB brothers more entertaining than the McCowns! Maybe it's their names? Maybe it's the fact that they never play more than one good game per season? Maybe it's the fact that someone is always willing to roll the dice with one of the McCowns.

But now... the McCowns have outdone themselves. Apparently, younger brother Luke McCown (Tampa Bay QB #3?), was chopping firewood... and actually cut older brother Josh McCown's finger! Yes, that sounds horrifically violent, but yet at the same time, it just makes me laugh because its almost too absurd to even believe because both McCowns were involved. I still want to know if oldest brother, Randy McCown was there. For those who aren't avid readers, Wikipedia helped me discover the eldest, and clearly the wisest, McCown brother. He may not be in the NFL, but at least he's not involved in any strange incidents that involve chopping someone's finger with an axe!

Unfortunately, Josh McCown was supposed to be part of a 3-way QB duel in Miami this season, between John Beck and Chad Henne... hopefully Josh's finger will heal quickly allowing him to have yet another crack at a starting job.

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