Thursday, July 03, 2008

NBA: Still Not Credible

Like MJ part my utter disdain for the NBA is its lack of credibility. The referee scandal was the sledgehammer that broke the camel's back. David Stern, as always, rather than fix the problem has reached into the old PR playbook and announced that a retired military general would be "watching" the referees. He's from the military, so you know it solves that problem, right?

Well it turns out that retired general Ronald Johnson was "commanding general of the Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region division, from 2003-04, responsible for overseeing $18 billion of reconstruction in Iraq." Now it happens that during that time this general lost track of $ 9 billion of that. Now I'm not an HR specialist but someone will need to let me know how losing track of half your assets and horribly bungling a job qualifies you to oversee anything ever again, let alone an already corrupted process. Well done David. Once again you've driven home the point of why I hate your league.

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