Thursday, October 21, 2010

College Football Trend Watching : Week 6

What You Know (A Summary of the Previous Week)
Wisconsin plowed tOSU, Texas owns Nebraska, Cam Newton is your new heisman front runner, Oregon score 70 on it's bye week, Boise/TCU keep rolling, South Carolina hates winning 2 in a row.

What You Might Have Missed (Under the Radar Stories)
  • Florida has now lost 3 games in a row. Yep Urban Meyer and the Gators followed up back to back losses with a 10-7 loss to Miss St (which apparently has a football team). The Gators are now 65th in the country in scoring. It was only 2007 when Florida went 9-4 so Meyer has a history of off years but at current pace this might be a new low for the Meyer-Florida era.
  • In the Big 12 there are 2 other undefeated teams in addition to Oklahoma. Missouri and Ok State. Ok State is doing it through offense (3rd in the nation in scoring) while Missouri is doing it via defense (2nd in the nation in points against). While history has tended to show that these 2 schools fail to breakthrough - an upset of Nebraska or OU is definitely in the realm of possible
  • Circle Nov 6th on the calendar - TCU and Utah face off. Both are now undefeated. Depending on the hype, circumstances, etc. at minimum it might boast one of them into a BCS game if not past Boise for the darkhorse BCS championship slot

Looking Ahead (Games of the Week)
#1 Oklahoma @ #11 Missouri... 3 straight weeks of #1s going down?
#6 LSU @ #4 Auburn... Elimination match for SEC Championship?
#13 Wisconsin @ #15 Iowa. Crucial Big 10 game

Prediction Time 10/21
With Iowa getting the homefield advantage coupled with tOSU's rash of injuries I have to put Iowa as the favorite to win. The last 2 BCS spost (currently occupied by MSU and Nebraska) are mainly place holders given the max uncertainty but here's the best guess.

BCS Championship: Oregon v. Oklahoma
Orange Bowl : FSU v. Auburn
Sugar Bowl: Alabama v. Michigan State
Fiesta: West Virginia v. Nebraska
Rose Bowl: Boise State v. Iowa

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

3 really big games this weekend. I fully expect Oklahoma and Auburn to win. I have no idea who will win the Wisconsin-Iowa game... but it will go a long way towards determining the big 10 champ.