Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 7 - No one has any idea what's happening!

I love how no one in the NFC is better than 4-2... meaning that every team is still well within a shot at a playoff berth. Very exciting stuff.

Bizarro Manwich Matchup of the Week
St. Louis @ Tampa - I have no idea what to make of either team... but someone is going to get their 4th win which is a lot more than I expected them to have combined at this point. Are both of these teams good? Is one of them good? Are neither of them good? I can't tell.
Pick: St. Louis (they keep losing WRs, and finding new ones to replace the old ones!)

Upset of the Week #1
Washington @ Chicago- The Redskins have been playing so well lately, even in the losses.
Pick: Washington

Upset of the Week #2
New England @ SD - This is not a good time for TE Gates, WRs Malcolm Floyd and Naanee to all be suffering injuries at the same time... for the Chargers to win they would have to get a lot of productions from WR4? (P. Crayton?) and WR5? (B. Davis?)
Pick: New England (note: SD is favored by 3 at the time of my writing this... I assume that will shrink come Sunday)

Opening Round Playoff Game #7
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City
San Fran @ CAR - Classic early-elimination game. The loser of this game will have 6 losses... and pretty much be out of the race!
Pick: San Fran

Pitt @ Miami- When I wrote out this game, all I could think of was the Moustache, Dave Wannstedt, who currently coaches Pitt but used to coach the Dolphins. The Dolphins are perhaps the strangest team in the league: they are 0-2 at home and 3-0 on the road. Sadly, I think they are due for another home loss!
Pick: Pitt

Cincy @ ATL- Pick: ATL

Jack@KC- Pick: KC

Philly@Tenn - Pick: Philly

Cleve @ New Orleans- I don't know who's QBing this week for the Browns, I think its McCoy again. It doesn't matter though.
Pick: New Orleans

Buff @ Baltimore- Pick: Baltimore

Ariz @ Seattle- Winner of this game gets sole possession of 1st place in the NFC West. Wow! Before we go touting the attributes of undrafted rookie starter Max Hall, let's remember that it was the defense that scored points to beat the Saints two weeks back, not Max Hall.
Pick: Seattle

Oakland @ Denver- Pick: Denver

Minny @ GB - Pick: GB

Giants @ Dallas- Honestly, the Cowboys are a complete enigma. In terms of Yards per game, they are 3rd in offense, and 4th in defense... yet they have only one win. Granted, the Giants are 7th in offense and 2nd in defense, so by that analysis, this game is a tossup. I'm going with the Cowboys, yet again, because their backs are against the wall and they can't afford another loss.
Pick: Dallas

Last Week: 9-5 (My first "good" week!)
Season: 51-39 (I screwed up last week’s standings)
Manwich: 4-2 (Pats beat the Ravens in OT)
Upset of the Week: 4-3 (I missed on ATL who got stomped on by the Eagles, and the Broncos came up just short. There goes the amazing upset start of 4-1!).


Mighty Mike said...

Yeesh. What an awful slate of games. I'll go with the Giants over the Cowbitches

MJ said...

@Mighty: Never, ever bet on the Giants. Eli Manning's vagina lips are so big, they flap in the wind. I fully expect the Cowbitch defense to wrap those lips like McDonald's Snack Wraps and dominate that little bitch.