Friday, October 08, 2010

An observation

First off, I have to say that I am none the happy person seeing a team who's payroll is 80 million dollars more than the first professional team beat up on my hometown team in the LDS. What really pisses me off is something that I experienced on Wednesday. I was sitting at my job while trying to assist the workers of the United States. I wanted to listen to my hometown Reds endure a no hitter from a Colorado import to Philly via the Great White North. I went to ESPN radio to try to find the game online. I got some random ESPN radio show that was playing during that time period talking about the butt sex that Tom Brady was not having with Randy Moss or Bill Simmons or some other stupid Boston sports that I did not care about. I proceeded to go to 700 WLW to see if the Reds were being played on there hoping to hear the calming voice of Marty Brennaman (sp) talking about the Reds. Upon going to their website, I found out that the they were not even on WLW. Then finally on my way home, I tried to tune to ESPN radio on my dial and found that it was not available either. What the fuck is going on with the MLB. Does Bud Selig have the rights gods up his butthole that he can't even allow local radio stations to broadcast games. Isn't baseball the sport that people would sit around the only radio in the house and listen to. What has happened to the great American pasttime that has gone the way of McDonalds, Disney and whatever other sponsors there are out there. Bud Selig should be ashamed of himself. I don't care if this is the future of American sports with money being the primary reason we have sports. I think that players like Joe Nuxhall and Warren Spahn would be rolling over in their graves if they found out that fans could not listen to radio broadcasts because of "rights". Why not next year, you have the top two teams with the highest payrolls, the Red Sox and the Yankees play in Beijing, while selling 1.5 million dollar to companies that cause a higher level of obesity in our kids but have professional athletes being their sponsors, play while adorning logos of banks that the federal bailed out because of their selfishness, and giving blow jobs to all the executives and the main writers of the sports network that fuels their pocketbooks. This might be coming from the influence of my Nordic relatives. Who knew that the world's best education and one of the world's happiest people would have such an influence on me. I think I need to start watching international hockey, nordic walking, floor ball, and bandy.

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