Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 8 - Super-Bye Week

I still can't understand why the NFL every year has a couple of random weeks where 6 teams take bye-weeks (as opposed to the typical 4 teams). Honestly, if 4 teams take bye weeks, you can get all of the bye weeks done between weeks 4 and 12. Instead, the NFL insists on finishing a little earlier by getting some more teams in. I don't like it because it makes fantasy very difficult.

On to the games!
Manwich Matchup of the Week
Pitt @ New Orleans - Matchup of the last couple of Super Bowl Champs... I really think losing to the Browns is going to motivate the Saints to do big things this week.
Pick: New Orleans

Upset of the Week #1
Washington @ Detroit- The NFL is all about home teams being favored this week... including a 2.5 point favorite Detroit. So... I'll go with Washington.
Pick: Washington

Upset of the Week #2
Green Bay @ Jets - This Jets 5-game winning streak has got to end at some point... plus, the Packers need a statement game.
Pick: Green Bay

Opening Round Playoff Game #8
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran
Denver @ San Fran- Well... these teams both have been playing awful and both had high expectations.
Pick: San Fran

Jacksonville @ Dallas- Pick: Dallas
CAR @ ST. Louis- Pick: St. Louis
Miami @ Cincy- Pick: Miami (if they win, they will be 4-0 on the road... and 0-3 at home!)
Buff @ KC- Pick: KC (the Bills will beat either Chicago or Detroit the next 2 weeks).
Tennessee @ SD- Pick: SD
Tampa @ Arizona- Pick: Tampa
Seattle @ Oakland- Pick: Seattle
Minny @ New England- Pick: New England (oooh... Randy Moss already returns to Boston!)
Houston @ Indy- Pick: Indy (revenge for that week 1 loss).

Last Week: 8-6 (back to being below-average)
Season: 59-45 ()
Manwich: 4-3 (Tampa stuck it to the Rams!)
Upset of the Week: 6-3 (I hit both Washington over Chicago and New England over San Diego!).


Mighty Mike said...

I'm going with Pitt. New Orelans stinks.

I'll also go with the Jets, Ten, and Browns versus the Bye week

Hitman said...

The simple answer to your opening question is that the NFL doesn't want teams with byes too close to the's perceived as an unfair advantage. So they package all 32 teams' byes over 6 weeks or so, and they make sure that all the byes are done by Week 9 or 10 - which requires (a) the byes to start as early as Week 4 or 5, and (b) 6 teams taking off certain weeks.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

hitman is right about the byes. I just would rather go closer to the playoffs in exchange for just 4 teams off each week. i realize it may be a minority position of course.

Hitman said...

And I would rather get it all out of the way quickly so that teams' bye weeks are closer together. I'd have 8 teams off in each of weeks 6-9. Having slates of 12 games is still a lot of football - and really, there's not much difference between 12 games per week (10 per Sunday daytime) and 14.