Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Week 5 - Things Are As Wide Open As...

Things are very wide open. As wide open as... [fill in blank with name of whore's name] legs.

Let's get down to business...

Manwich Matchup of the Week
KC @ Indy - This matchup is perplexing to me for a number of reasons... if Indy wins, they will be 3-2, but we still won't be sure as to how authentic KC is. If KC wins and gets to 4-0, we will all be wondering if something is off about the Colts, who would then be at the bottom of their division. When it comes to Xs and Os, you'd have to imagine that Indy can score a lot more points than KC, assuming Dexter McCluster doesn't spring loose for any special team TDs.
Pick: Indy

Upset of the Week
Philly @ SF - I've already got my fantasy team riding on Kevin Kolb, mine as well throw the Upset of the Week on that train also! Honestly, Kolb has not looked sharp so far this season in his limited attempts. All he did was check-down to RBs and TEs throughout last week's game. I'm going to go out on a limb, give Kolb one more chance, and say he puts up some points this weekend and continues San Fran's miserable season. Plus, something tells me that Kolb was pretty lazy about preparing for last week's game as the backup and he should improve since he's preparing as the starter all week long. I realize I'm alleging he wasn't professional, but it's the only way to believe he can perform better this week.
Pick: Philly

Opening Round Playoff Game #5
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit
Jacksonville @ Buffalo- With the Jaguars surprising upset over the Colts last week, they are suddenly 2-2. I don't believe in them at all though and I certainly don't believe in the Bills. This should be a pivotal game... and the loser of this game has no business thinking they could end up making the playoffs!
Pick: Jacksonville

Fantasy Football Game of Interest
Giants @ Houston - There are a lot of interesting players in this game. However, I'm curious if new Texans RB Derrick Ward gets on the field to face his old team.
Pick: Houston

Denver @ Baltimore - The Ravens will have to be careful in this game... as the Broncos have actually been putting up a good number of points.
Pick: Baltimore
St. Louis @ Detroit - I think this is the week the Lions get that elusive victory!
Pick: Detroit
ATL @ Cleveland - Pick: ATL
Tampa @ Cincy - Pick: Cincy
Chicago @ CAR - Pick: Chicago
GB @ Wash - Pick: GB
New Orleans @ Arizona - Pick: New Orleans (Even I can't believe how quickly the Derek Anderson experiment might be ending for Arizona!)
SD @ Oakland- Pick: SD
Tennessee @ Dallas - Pick: Dallas
Minnesota @ Jets - Favre's current team versus the team-that-Favre-was-on-that-no-one-will-remember. Plus, the Vikings just got Randy Moss! Should be an interesting game.
Pick: Jets

Last Week: 8-8 (second time in a row, ouch!)
Season: 34-30
Manwich: 2-2 (Pittsburgh fell short against Baltimore, but they get Roethlisberger back soon)
Upset of the Week: 3-1 (The Broncos did it! They took down the ridiculously inconsistent Tennessee).

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Mighty Mike said...

I'm kinda shocked Philly is an underdog to San Fran. That seems crazy...

I have Detroit losing