Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBA Draft 2010: Instant Analysis... Days Before Free Agency 2010!

As we all know, this summer is the summer that LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Joe Johnson, and a host of others are free agents... which creates all sorts of strange things... such as the Heat trading a player D. Cook AND the #18 pick... to get only the #32 pick from Ok City because it gets rid of a player and gets rid of the need for paying a first round pick!

Losers - Trail Blazers - Why did the owner fire the GM hours before the draft??? I don't get it. I mean... if you were going to fire him, you should have given a replacement a couple of weeks to prepare for the draft and run the draft.

Blockbuster Trade? - Did the Pacers trade Granger and the 10th pick to NJ for Devin Harris, Yi, and the #3 (Derrick Favors?). Probably Not.

Slider (due to "character" issues) - This happens in the NFL and in the NBA. Player with laods of talent, questionable attitude. This year, the Kings got Demarcus Cousins (Kentucky) who's supposed to be super-talented. Along with the addition of Dalembert (who only has 1 year left), the Kings just added a ton of size and could be contending for a playoff spot next year! That was a fast rebuilding project... it also means Tyreke Evans has to keep being dominant (which I'm sure won't be a problem).
-Also think it's cool how the Kings got Hassan Whiteside in the 2nd round. He's another 7-footer, this one from Marshall. Completely raw, but as we all know, 7-footers are rare, and I like this pick because he sounds like he has more potential than most unathletic 7-footers.

Perpetuating Stereotypes - Honestly... Utah selected Gordon Hayward, the white guy from Butler. Are they trying to perpetuate stereotypes?

The Spurs Always Do Well - I can't believe how I'm reviewing the draft, scrolling through the names, and suddenly I get to the Spurs and they have found yet another late-round steal. This time, they got James Anderson from Ok State... Big 12 player of the year, scores like crazy, and is tremendous value at #20.

Feel-Good Story - Da'Sean Butler got drafted in the 2nd round by the Miami Heat despite blowing out his knee in the final four! I hope he finds a way to make the team! I thought no one would take him after that... now he might get to play with Wade (and other 2010 free agents?!?)

2nd round pick I like - Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma). This name makes me laugh. I thought I was past laughing at people's names but this is the most fascinating name I've heard since...??? I'm not even sure since when! His parents must still be laughing about it. He's 6'9" and weighs 300 pounds of course.
Solomon Alabi (Florida St) - Pick by Dallas - This year's 2nd round was full of raw, big men with question marks. I really like this guy who actually has the size to do something in the NBA... even if that is just guard another big man! He's not that skilled offensively, but he's a good gamble late.

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