Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup: Soccer Every Day!

I meant to make a post last night, to preview the final games from today in Groups A & B. Nonetheless, this is the most exciting time during the World Cup... as there are games every single day and most nations are still mathematically alive (for example, entering today, only 2 spots had been clinched, and only 2 teams had been eliminated, meaning a whopping 28 teams were going into the last game with some kind of prayer!)

Schedule for remaining final group stage games:

Wednesday - final games for Group C - 10AM; Group D - 2:30PM
Game to watch (outside of US at 10AM): Germany vs. Ghana (2:30PM) - this should be a very interesting game... especially because Germany needs to win and if Germany does in fact get into a winning position, Ghana will be looking at goal differential in comparison to Serbia. Should be a crazy afternoon! Plus, Ghana looked so dangerous against Serbia, but seemed to slack off a bit against Australia. If Ghana could somehow knock out Germany, that would be incredible.

Thursday - final games for Group F - 10AM; Group E - 2:30PM
Game to watch: Denmark vs. Japan (2:30PM) - Nothing beats a winner-take-all affair... plus, what makes things even more interesting is that Japan, not Denmark, holds the edge in goal-differential. Meaning, that if the game ends in a tie, it would be Japan that surprisingly moves on. Denmark looked really solid against Cameroon (for whatever that is worth) so it should be interesting.

Friday - final games for Group G - 10AM; Group H - 2:30PM
Game to watch: Chile vs. Spain (2:30PM) - Chile plays an aggressive, attacking style. Spain needs to win probably to advance... and Chile will be watching the scoreboard as Switzerland is taking on Honduras and Switzerland will probably be pouring on the goals to ensure that they advance. It is likely that we will have a 3-way tie for first and it's sad because Spain, Chile, and Switzerland have all looked great so far. This should provide great drama though!

2nd Round - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday!
The soccer doesn't stop right now, which is why this part of the tournament is so much fun!

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