Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Updates

Well the last free weekend before World Cup starts up, so here's a few random sports stories I picked up from the weekend.

Expansion, Coming Sooner Than Thought -Part of the reason I keep bringing up the expansion news is that the pace has accelerated. The Pac 10 has agreed to allow its commissioner follow 4 separate possibilities (status quo, adding utah/colorado, adding 6 teams, adding the entire Big 12) . The Big 12 has issued an ultimateum that all conference schools swear an oath of allegiance or else (the or else being it's every man, woman, and accredited university for itself). Meanwhile in Big 10 country Notre Dame seems to be leaving the door open. The latest figures have Notre Dame earning more money as part of the Big 10 then staying independent (yes that includes the NBC contract). So expansion news could be finalized before the start of the school year.

Blackhawks Getting Closer The Home team continued to dominate the Stanley Cup Championships as after dropping 2 in Philly, the Blackhawks came back with a dominating performance for Game 5 in Chicago. Byfuglian (finally) dominated Chris Pronger to score 2 goals and have 2 assists. The Blackhawks will try to close things out on Wednesday.

Injuries Pile Up in World Cup A number of World Cup teams did not take my advice and wrap key players in bubble wrap in the weeks leading up to the World Cup. The English Captain Ferdinand was knocked out as was Ivory Coast's SuperStar Drogba. Michael Ballack, Germany's captain, was also ruled out. The Americans continue to wait on news of Altidore, their best forward, although all signs pointing to him being healthy.

Things I Learned Apparently Rugby 7 (Rugby normally has 15 players) will be returning to the Olympics in 6 years. The US is the defending Rugby champion...although I believe Rugby hasn't been played at the Olympics in about 90 years. Nonetheless good luck Eagles (US's Rugby team).

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) ncaa expansion is going to be nuts. that might be even more exciting than the nba free agency! (with greater ramifications???)
2) go blackhawks and jeremy roenick! oh how i miss thee, NHL '94.
3) you forgot to mention Robben, the best forward on Netherlands. he got injured too.
4) rugby 7? really? i wonder if bocce ball can ever be an olympic sport. if winter can have curling, shouldn't summer have bocce?