Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup: After Day 5

African Homefield Advantage?

It's not really there! The Africans went a disappointing 1-3-2 through each team's first game. The lone victory was a surprise Ghana victory over Serbia. However, Cameroon, a heavy favorite against Japan, ended up losing 1-0 (despite dominating possession, and chances). Cameroon was unlucky not to get a goal and now are in a horrible position, needing a win against Denmark to have a chance at advancing.

Portugal is Boring

In the highly anticipated match of Portugal against Ivory Coast, Portugal decided to literally play for a tie rather than risk anything at all. The result was a very boring affair. Ivory Coast was pressing for a goal and trying at least, and superstar Didier Drogba even played 25 minutes and even had a chance for a goal in the 90th minute. Surprisingly, North Korea actually already scored a goal. I wonder if anyone expected that? Now, Portugal and Ivory Coast will both be looking to rack up as many goals as possible against North Korea to win on goal-differential.

Netherlands has a Super-Sub

He probably will be a starter by the next game, but the Netherlands inserted young 23-year old Elia, and the game against Denmark changed rapidly! He was super-fast and had all sorts of ball tricks to get himself free and create opportunities (one of which led to a goal). Hopefully, we will see more of him.

Giving Tickets To Your Friends is Not Allowed, Even if They are Young, Hot Women

This story cracks me up... apparently, one of the World Cup commentators got fired for arranging a group of young, hot women to take his "allocation" of tickets.

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Mighty Mike said...

I'm really hoping that after this first set of games that teams will stop being so defensive.