Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Conference Realignment: The Denouement

Well it appears that the great College Conference Realignment Crisis of '10 will end not with a bang but a whimper. Texas and the rest of the Big 10 volume 2 err Big 12 someone scraped together a new tv contract and will stay together. Texas, with the ability to not only bring in riches from a Big 12 network, but also the freedom to create their own tv network agreed. And so goes UT so goes the rest of the little 9. Even A&M decided to forgo the SEC and stayed in the Big 12. So no super conference. ESPN reported that "influential people" were able to step and save their beloved Big 12. Unclear who they were or what they (bribe Fox into creating the new network?) However the Pac 10 (12?) will have to settle for snapping up Utah and Texas I suppose gets an automatic BCS bid.

Big 10 Divisions
It appears now that Big 10 expansion is over (for the time being) so the question how do the new divisions look when Nebraska joins in 2011? The Big 10 commissioner announced that the 3 criteria for creating the divisions (in order of importance) 1. competitive fairness, 2. preserving rivalries, and 3. geography. So as predicted PSU is all but guaranteed to go the Nebraska division while UM, tOSU, and MSU will be in another. Wisconsin is currently petitioning the Big 10 to have Nebraska as its annual last game - i.e. try to create a Big Red rivalry. Here is my guess

Blue Division
1. tOSU
2. UM
3. MSU
4. Indiana
5. Purdue
6. Illinois

Black Division
1. Penn State
2. Nebraska
3. Iowa
4. Wisconsin
5. Minnesota
6. Northwestern

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) even though the big 12 (w/ 10) is staying together, isn't it obvious that they will recruit 2 teams to join them to get a conference championship game? i.e. if the PAC-10 gets Utah, maybe the Big-12 grabs TCU and BYU? That would be funny, because then the Mtn West would be weak again and Boise State will end up in yet another weak conference! (after having switched to the Mtn West last week).
2) Based on the criteria, I'd have to agree with your divisions. I feel bad for Northwestern, but they usually aren't that good anyway. It's basically an east division and a west division (w/ penn state playing with the westerners). If you move Penn state to "blue" i suppose illinois would move to "black."