Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Odds and Ends

Conference Expansion
Conference expansion appears to be over, for the moment, with the reporting that Utah will join the Pac-10 err 12. It will be an interesting natural experiment for how one of the better of the mid-majors does now that it is in a Big 6 conference. Detractors have noted that Utah got by on a soft schedule. If they continue to amass the wins they have in the past it might oddly benefit those on the outside.

World Cup
Now that everyone has played a game I have to admit I was most impressed by Germany, Netherlands, and Brazil. Biggest chokers so far are France and England. Let's see how the next set gives more clarity.

Are in order for our esteemed contributor Hitman - who recently welcomed the newest Blackhawks fan via the arrival of his daughter. As she can already spell better than I can, she has been offered a position of executive editor here at the BSD. Congrats to Hitman.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Wow, congrats to Hitman! A Blackhawks championship and a baby in one month, nice!

2) I think Utah will be fine... plus they also should get marginally better recruits I suppose since they are joining the BCS. The Mountain West just moved further away from obtaining an auto-bid. At least they got Boise State to replace Utah? I'm guessing Boise is a big drop-off in b-ball though.

3) Chile also played really well... should be interesting when they play better competition. They are a crazy attacking team which is fun to watch!