Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup: After Day 3

Well World Cup is here and while only 3 days are in the books, lots to talk about

Whether it's a question of where USA soccer is or where it's not the Americans where happy about a tie. Let me rephrase that after all of English tabloid insults, I am that John Bull got done in by one of the worst goal keeping displays at the World Cup. The tie coupled with Slovenia's win over Algeria, means that Friday's match against Slovenia will be extraordinarily important. The Slovenian who will probably be hunkered down. Hopefully Tim Howard will be healed, possibly by a witch doctor, in time to be his sensational self.

Most Impressive Win
While there's something to be said for how South Korea beat Greece, the most impressive win to date belongs to Germany. Die Mannschaft (Das Germans) scored at will, pummeling Australia senseless 4-0. Yes Australia went down a man in the second half but it could have been easily 4-0 in the first half. Perhaps the injuries will be beneficial as it will allow their talented youngsters more playing time.

Most Surprising/Most Important Win
Was Ghana's win over Serbia. A number of experts have Serbia making it deep into the tournament and with their loss to Ghana, Serbia now needs to regroup and avoid a loss to Germany. If they lose their next match to Germany, Serbia's World Cup hopes will be for all practical purposes finished. Meanwhile Ghana gave the host Continent it's first win.

Biggest Disappointment
Where the hell is Tommy Smyth? The man that I associate with soccer on ESPN has been, too my knowledge, MIA. Can he not leave the country? Is he currently busy granting wishes because somebody got his pot of gold? Using his magical voice to try to coax BP into cleaning up the Gulf? Seriously, why is Smyth missing?

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) While Team USA's surprising tie is very important... Slovenia's win makes this Friday's game uber-important. As in, if the US loses, they are probably done. So, pressure on!
2) Germany does have the best win so far. South Korea definitely gets 2nd-place for their endless counter-attacks against Greece (in a surprising domination).
3) Serbia are already up against the wall. They now play Germany and need at least a tie. That should be a really interesting game. Australia looked bad last week in a friendly against the US, and Serbia had a number of chances today, so I'm not counting out the Serbs yet.
4) Tommy Smyth is doing radio for some reason. Not sure why he got demoted from TV.,0,3529684.story