Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday Odds and Ends

Just a Few Odds and Ends Thoughts from Fortress Mighty

2011 Already? Yes recruiting for the 2011 Football class is in high gear and Rivals has put out its first ranking of the top 100 players nationwide . The Big 10 appears poised for a far better showing than last year with Michigan State already having the #11 Lawrence Thomas (hey remember that name). Just to show how fast recruiting goes these days Texas already has 22 commits.

Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? Maybe. The Chicago Blackhawks, holders of the longest title drought in the NHL, appears to have the series well in hand behind superb goal tending in Game 2 and crappy goal tending by the opposition in Game 1. The Flyers have been the comeback kids this year (coming from behind 3-0 against Boston) but it's safe to say their backs are against the walls. Oh and Nedemeyer...dead

The Live Will versus the Dead Head - Spain has, to put it mildly, a history of choking. Never has the country's squad advanced past the quarterfinals...never, ever, never. On the other hand this is a team that has one loss in the past 40 matches (that one loss being to Team USA. Go USA!) Hence why Spain is one of two favorites to win the World Cup. As opposed to the NCAA don't get Cinderellas winning it all so history says bet on a favorite of course history also says don't bet on Spain.

Congrats goes out to our very own contributor - Laz - who got married over the weekend. Best wishes to happy couple - who to celebrate the nuptials I believe will travel around the world in a balloon in under 80 days.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

It's really strange that a "cinderella" hasn't won the world cup. in theory, it should happen at some point. it would be fun to watch. i'm okay with my pick of spain... despite them never having made it out of the quarterfinals! it's funny, because this year if they make the 2nd round, they would have to play either brazil/portugal/cote d'ivoire. all very difficult opponents!

Hitman said...

Congrats, Laz!

Go Hawks!