Friday, June 04, 2010

Never Ending College Football Expansion Rumors

Yes more and more rumors on the crazy world of college football expansion. While normally I'm loathe to report mere rumors but these two stories appear to have some legs...and given their potential...well share and share alike.

Big 7? It is widely expected that in the next week or so the Mountain West Conference (Utah, BYU, TCU,etc.) will offer Boise State an offer to join which in turn will be expected. The new Mountain West Conference boasting arguably the best of the best of the mid-majors would be well positioned to meet the criteria the BCS laid out for automatic bids. In other words the new Mountain West could join the Big 6 as its champion getting an automatic bid. Of course that assumes there is a Big 6 in the future.

Pac 10 Might Drink the Big 12s Milkshake While most of expansion talk has focused on the Big 10, equally important in college athletics is the potential for Pac 10 expansion. The Pac 10, soon to be free of its current tv deal, is looking to a big splash. It's being rumored that the Pac 10 will offer 6 Big 12 schools bids to join the new Pac 10 err 16. Those schools are Texas, A&M, Tech, OU, Ok State, and Colorado. The new super conference would have markets in basketball every major city out West which would allow a new television network to take shape...which would give far more revenue than the current 8-13 million Big 12 members currently bring in. With the Big 10 and potentially the SEC looking to poach Big 12 schools this might be the end of the Big 12 and for all practical purposes the Big 6.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

that's interesting... the big 12 would end up getting poached by the big 10, the SEC, and the pac 10. For football though, the new Mountain West would be poised to qualify for an automatic berth indeed. I read an article yesterday saying they still don't have the numbers to qualify under the current system. Perhaps we would evolve towards a Big-6 again (at least in football). As for basketball, we would only have a big-5, because boise doesn't add much b-ball wise.