Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cheers and Jeers: Margarita Edition

1 1/2 oz Tequila
1/2 oz Triple sec
1 oz Lime juice

Well to celebrate Cinco de Mayo some Margarita's are needed (possibly a corona or two as well). Cinco de Mayo has somehow evolved into probably the third biggest drinking holiday of the year. The tasty drinks, the festive palm trees and the celebration of defeating of the French are all worthy of enjoyment. I would argue only St.Patties Day (celebration of drinking and defeating snakes) and New Years (celebration of drunken hook ups and Dick Clark) best Cinco de Mayo in the probability of ending up on the bathroom floor partially naked. For the record Cinco de Mayo barely beats the Seis de Mayo or as we like to call it here in the states Send Mikey Your Leftover Coronas from Cinco de Mayo Day in the drunkometer.

Cheers: To Lebron. His baseline pirroute through four Washington Generals err Wizards sealed Game 5 in Cleveland. Almost two decades ago another 23 hit "The Shot" in a game 5 in Cleveland. As local Cleveland columnist Bill Livingston put it:

The scene could have been scripted in basketball heaven. The kid, self-described as such, had the ball, with the clock ticking down and the fate of his team in a playoff game in his hands.
He even wore No. 23.
You remember the first guy who wore that. Michael Jordan, hanging and scoring over Craig Ehlo. Fading away and scoring over Gerald Wilkins. He was Mike the Terminator, dealing in heartbreak for the Cavaliers the way villains deal in evil.
This time, it was LeBron James of the Cavaliers in the 23 jersey. The second coming. The commissioner of the NBA, David Stern, was at The Q to bear witness to the coming of the boy king.
Cheers: To Pete King. I give him a lot of flak for lots of things. Today I will walk on the side of hypocripsy. Most of us cringe when sports columnist bring in non-sports issues. I certainly have bashed him on his take on LT. But some issues I feel are too important to be ignored. The fate of New Orleans is one of them. The fact that I have search out for how the historic city is being treated is a shame. Sure its more pleasant to read about the Browns draft (finally) but those who reach broad diverse audiences have a responsibility and duty to use that audience on important issues.

Jeers: I will once again wade into controversy (two in one column. Who do I think I am, MJ?) on jeering Clemens. I will not compare Clemens hemming and hawing; demanding more star treatment and more money to that of Favre but thought did cross my mind. At what point is Clemens merely selfish as opposed to indecisive? Favre crossed that Rubicon this year. Has Clemens crossed that line? I'd say no, but he certainly is near.

Jeers: To ESPN's ombudsman. George "Henceforth Known as LickSpittle" Solomon sucked it up again by defending Stu Scott's Sportscenter poetry reading. I'm sorry there's no defending Stuart Scott's poetry. That should be immediate grounds for firings or deportation or deportation via being fired out of a cannon.

Cheers: A good friend of Publius and I is graduating from the Dental School from that school up north. I will only refer to said person by his porn name "Brown Snake" but needless to say we're all very proud of him.

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