Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quick Tidbits

Two things caught my attention today:

1. The NFL denied Reggie Bush’s petition to wear #5 on his jersey. I would say I’m surprised but I’m really not. The NFL makes 700 Club founder Pat Robertson look like a rational moderate. I just don’t see why giving Reggie Bush the right to wear #5 makes that much of a difference but in a league as conservative as the NFL, any form of change or self-expression is deemed bad. If they had their druthers, the NFL Management Committee would prefer a league full of robots that were seen and not heard.

2. The Kansas City Royals are challenging the 1962 Mets for complete and utter “suckitude.” As of this writing, they’re on pace for a 37-125 season and they’re already 21 games behind the first place Detroit Tigers. Their mathematical elimination number stands at 97. The Royals might be eliminated by early August at this rate (August 11th, to be exact, if the Tigers and Royals maintain roughly the same pace of wins and losses). That’s just unbelievable. The entire team should be fired, starting with the owner and going right down to the last player in single-A rookie ball. That is one disgraceful franchise right there.

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