Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Religion and Sports

I figured it was high time we utilized the plethora of legal, spirtual and philosphical minds we have here at the Back Seat Drivers. I was listening to Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann today and they were discussing the Colorado Rockies Christian Code of Ethics that is imposed on the team. I assume that their banter was in part derived from this USATODAY article here. Now given the Air Forces struggles with this issue and James Dobson location I'm not entirely surprised that the Rockies were the team to openly and formally institute Christian (evangelical, born-again) guidelines. My question are thus:
1) What are the legal implications? When do guidelines become discrimination?
2) To what extent is this public move by the Rockies a trend in sports, an admission of de facto fact or an aberration?
3) How does influence public perception of Rockies, baseball and sports more generally?

I look forward to your answer....

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