Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Update

I am pleased to report Mighty Mike and I returned safely from Ann Arbor. In Michigan, Mighty sang "Hail to the Victors" and was forced to wear a "Michigan Dental" T-shirt. Juice was also served. I hope he changed before I-23 hit Toledo. I fear for his safety and that of the Jewish llama.

1) Cleveland Steamers vs. Washington Bullets

The only possible improvement in this series would have been a game 7. Watching 2 evenly matched teams go punch for punch got me excited to watch the Pistons knock the living snot out of the winner.

Washington lost all 3 games by 1 point.

Congrats to Cleveland. Enjoy the Pistons and watch out for your cornhole.

2) Mavs v. Spurs

Great game. Great series. Spurs defense really shut down the Mavs in the 4th. I'm looking forward to Dirk's response.

3) Nets v. who cares? the heat? Not watching. Chuck Norris walked into a Burger King, roundhouse kicked Shaq, order a Big Mac and was served.

4) The Expos finally won a series!! Ok, so it was against the Pirates but you take what you can get.

Is it Friday yet?

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