Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Donnie The Whale & Other Angry Rants

1. After reading that the Sacramento Kings are considering Don Nelson as their replacement for recently-fired Rick Adelman, I just had to chuckle. A bloated whale of a drunk with a career 70-85 record in the playoffs (including no NBA Finals appearances and only four conference finals appearances in 27 seasons) seems to me an odd choice. A guy who famously ruined the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks in less than 24 months and who somehow conned his way into Dallas gets yet another chance to coach a team in the NBA. What is this, the NFL? Are there no younger candidates out there? Are there no persons of color available? Why entrust a team that has finally enjoyed a period of prolonged success to a guy that is known for being off-the-wall crazy?

The Kings finally, FINALLY, added a defensive presence to their team and shed the “soft” label. So they’ll follow up that achievement by bringing in a guy whose teams haven’t played defense in thirty years? Yeah, just what the Kings need – to go back to being a run-and-gun team with centers shooting threes and power forwards playing point guard, all the while losing 130-120 because Don Nelson wants to convince us all that he’s a true genius.

2. Honestly, Roger, just shut up. We don’t need another Brett Favre here. Just make up your mind and, please, for all of our sakes, do so privately and quietly. If and when you decide to play, let us know. But until then, zip it.

3. Finally, a special thanks to Juan Pierre for prolonging the inevitable by at least one more day. Since I sincerely doubt that anyone except for San Francisco Giants fans are rooting for Barry Bonds, we all get our wish for one day more. Keep up the good work, little Cub.

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