Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pot Luck Wednesday

NFL News
Draft recap - having a tough time even deciding who did well, and who didn't. All I really know is that Buffalo kept choosing players that weren't slated to get drafted until much later. As Mighty already said, I hate Pittsburgh, because they keep drafting players that I like.

Anyways, If you went to this weekend to check out the draftracker, you may have noticed an advertisement for a new EA Sports game, NFL Head Coach. Instead of playing the games, as you would in Madden, the idea of this game, is that you do everything that an NFL coach would do. I have so many problems, questions, and issues with this game.

1) Bill cowher is on the cover of this game. I’m only hoping that there’s an EA Sports curse. Who knows? Bill Cowher might lose his hearing during a game by a freak accident, and then would have to get placed on the Injured Reserve List for Coaches! The EA Sports curse is all powerful! [I hope].

2) I went to the EA Sports website to check out what you actually do in the game, but I’m still baffled, because it doesn’t seem like you actually play any games.

3) One item listed, is that when you play the game, you get to “motivate players.” I have no idea how this works. Is it like in Mortal Kombat, when you had to enter strange button combinations to do a fatality? Is it like a button masher, where you run around as Bill Cowher and must hit the right buttons while switching between psychology and reverse psychology? Could you choose to bribe the players with sex boat cruises?

4) The game says you get to participate in the draft war-room. That sounds cool, but why would you buy a game just to pretend to be in a war-room drafting fictious players??? Shouldn’t this be a multi-player game where you play online against others?

5) EA Sports also brags that you get to scout your opponents. So I guess you get to watch the computer play? This is just absurd!

NBA Playoffs
I can’t believe the Lakers have a 3-2 lead on the Suns. The Suns held off the Lakers late last night in what appeared to be another very physical game (Raja Bell and Kobe were both eventually ejected for amassing 2 technicals each). I think the Clippers-Lakers, if it happens, is going to be a great series. The time is ripe for the Clippers to continue the march. From what Bill Simmons says, it could get pretty surprisingly feisty in the crowd! There are many storylines, as Bill Simmons points out in his article this week (same building, Lamar Odom played for the Clippers, Kobe’s spurning the Clippers).

NHL Playoffs
Down goes the favorites! The Red Wings and Stars, who both enjoyed amazing years, both lost in the first round, in only 6 and 5 games respectively. Too bad I don’t have the Outdoor Life Network, because there really is no way to watch these games (on the weekend, the games are on NBC). I blame commissioner Gary Bettman. Its not quite as exciting for me to look up the boxscore online, as it would be to watch the tension of a real OT game.

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