Sunday, September 07, 2008

MMBSD: It Begins Again

Oh yeah that's the good stuff

Football and MMBSD is back so let's get started.....


Not that much can learned from just week 1 in the NFL. Its uncertain who is overachieving, who is underachieving, and which matchups produced the outcomes. That said there’s no reason not to highlight ups, down and surprises.

Not surprising was Philly’s manhandling of world’s dumbest coach Scott Linehan (every season needs a guy that should have been fired years ago. Linehan is this season’s). Or Dallas’ mauling of the inept Browns (typically you need to pressure a QB guys to have a shot at winning)

Umm where did that come from?

Buffalo over Seattle falls into this category. Buffalo controlled both lines and the game was never in question. Now its uncertain if Seattle is as bad as they look or Buffalo as good but both trends bare watching.

Atlanta over Detroit also does. While Detroit never exactly inspires confidence in being a winner, a number of us wondered if Matt Ryan was up the task. While not Marinoesque Ryan made plays, avoided mistakes and seems a huge upgrade over last year. Perhaps he was the right choice?

Baltimore over Cinci. I’ll just note the Bungals are back and leave it at that.

Season Changer

I’m guessing by the time you all are reading this the diagnosis on Tom Brady will be public but it seems doubtful he’ll back this year. The Pats, the favorites to win the Super Bowl, will now struggle to win their division. Belichek’s uber-genius will be strained to keep them winners.

College Football

Those that aren’t following Eastern Carolina are on notice. They ended West Virginia’s hopes of going to the BCS Championship and are now in a position to make their own BCS bowl big run.

Penn State’s win over Oregon State I doubt will get the headlines or any sort of feather in the Big 10 cap. That duty falls to the tOSU as the Conference standard bearer. Tressel’s mojo seems to have slowly been leaking out since Florida stole it while Pete Carroll dances on water. Meanwhile the rebuilding team up North faces Weis the Hutt. Two losses on the same day send the Big 10 down the rabbit hole (and not in a good way).

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