Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 4 - Super Bowl Curse in Full Effect

An early edition of Week 4 is in store because I just found some time to write. Enjoy!

Manwich Matchup of the Week & Upset of the Week

Minny @ Tenny- This is quite the interesting matchup. Both teams have already abandoned and/or lost their original QBs (Tarvaris Jackson, Vince Young) in favor of playing a more conservative game, focused on their great defenses. Both teams have young RBs. More importantly though, both coaches (Minny's Brad Childress and Tennessee's Jeff Fisher) have amazing moustaches. Which team will win? Flip a coin.
Pick: Minny

Upset of the Week - See above. I can't really count Arizona over the Jets or Green Bay over Tampa as both are 1-point underdogs on the road, which really just means the games are a crapshoot.

Opening Round Playoff Game #1
Cleveland @ Cincy - Calling this an "opening round playoff game" is a lot nicer than calling it "Toilet Bowl 2008." I assume the loser of this game will give up all hope of competing at 0-4. The Browns are dinged up on both lines... the Bungals still don't have an offensive line... the Browns don't know who their QB should be... the Bungals still refuse to play defense. Don't know how anyone can feel confident about picking a game.
Pick: Cincy

Denver @ KC - The Broncos have already gotten two unlikely victories... at least this week the victory should be an easy one.
Pick: Denver

Houston @ Jacksonville - Eeesh... the Texans really didn't look so refreshed last week. Jacksonville played their hearts out to get their first win and... and they should do the same this week. After this game we'll finally know who will stump the Matt Schaub... it's Sage Rosenfels!

Pick: Jacksonville

Arizona @ Jets -Kurt Warner! Brett Favre! 1999 internet bubble!
Pick: Arizona

San Fran @ New Orleans - Remember the old NFC West? These guys used to play twice a year.
Pick: New Orleans

ATL @ CAR - See this is where Matt Ryan gets to see what it's like to be a rookie. Beating Detroit and KC is not the same as beating the other teams in the NFL.
Pick: CAR

GBay @ TBay- Beating the Bears is not exactly the most telling statement in 2008. Perhaps in 2006, when we knew who we thought they were.
Pick: Green Bay

Buff @ St. Louis - This just in! Trent Green is starting for the Rams! Just a few weeks ago, I was discussing with another friend the violent hit that ended Trent Green's career... until my friend told me that Trent Green was back in St. Louis. This story already didn't end well in KC or Miami, and I see no reason for things to change this weekend.
Pick: Buffalo

San Diego @ Oakland - Last week was classic 21st-century Raiders football: Giving hope to its fans and then crushing it.
Pick: San Diego

Washington @ Dallas - This could be a dangerous game for the Cowboys as it's a rivalry game and the Redskins have actually been playing fairly well of late after their lackluster week 1 loss to the Giants.
Pick: Dallas by a nose

Philly @ Chicago - It looks like McNabb will play, but Westbrook is more of a question mark. I think the Eagles should be fine either way.
Pick: Philly

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - Still too early to hop on the Ravens bandwagon... beating the Bungals and an injury-depleted, cursed Browns team does not really say much. The Browns and the Eagles have gotten to Roethlisberger the last two weeks and dinged him up a bit, which could prove to be the only way that Baltimore and Cobra would become victorious. Something tells me the Steelers will find a way, even if Leftwich has to play.
Pick: Pittsburgh

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 29-18
Manwich: 2-1 (Dallas won again!)
Upset of the Week: 1-2 (The Texans looked pretty flat after their bye week)

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