Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NFL Preview 2008 -

You want to check out past previews which were incorrect? There's 2007 [New England over New Orleans], 2006 [Indy over Giants], 2005 [CAR over Indy], and 2004 [??? - apparently no longer on the internet] all waiting to be laughed at.

On to the preview...

AFC East
1-New England - Even if Tom Brady is dinged up, they still should sleepwalk their way through the season, lose a few games just to not deal with the hype of an undefeated season.
5-Buffalo - Buffalo is the team to watch, in my biased opinion. Look, they should get 4 wins in the division (Miami and the Jets), at least 3 wins from the NFC West, a good chance at another 3 wins from the AFC West (Kansas City, Oakland, and maybe Denver)... and then if they beat either Cleveland or Seattle... that's 11 wins! They have a young defense that added D-Lineman Marcus Stroud, which should be enough defense to get to 10 or 11 wins and get the Bills into the playoffs!
NY Jets - Brett Favre going to the Jets is like when Ted Danson tried to make a return to TV comedy in 2006 on a show called "Help Me Help You." No one will remember Ted Danson for that failed experiment just like no one will remmber that Favre was on the Jets or that Joe Montana was once on the Kansas City Chiefs.
Miami - Yeah... not going to worry about these guys until next year. I hope Ricky Williams does well and waits until after the season to start partying.

AFC North
4-Pittsburgh - It's only going to take 9 wins to win this division, what with this division drawing the AFC South (Indy, Jacksonville, Tenn, Hou) and NFC East (Dallas, Giants, Washington, Philly) which ALL finished over .500.
Cleveland - with the murderous schedule, I really think it's possible for the Browns to play better than last year's 10-6 miracle... yet finish with only 8 wins. The 2009 season will bring the playoffs, or heads will roll.
Cincy - The Countdown until Marvin Lewis gets fired in December begins now.
Baltimore - The show GI Joe was just not as successful in my mind when Cobra Commander left and Serpentor took over. I have a feeling Coach Billick (aka Cobra Commander) is trying to come up with a plan right now to take over his old office.

AFC South
3-Indy- Yawn... it just seems like the regular season won't mean much for these guys as it all comes down to the playoffs and you never know with them when they will get upset or when they will go on a run.
6-Jacksonville - It stinks that they can't get a top-4 seed. Let's start a movement to change the rules.
Houston - Go Matt Schaub!
Tennessee - I really despise these guys. They stunk all season, as did Vince Young, yet somehow made the playoffs. I hope they do awful this season. No, I'm not bitter.

AFC West
2- San Diego - Before Merriman went down, I really thought this would be Phillip Rivers' turn to win the Super Bowl, after fellow draftees Roethlisberger & Eli Manning had already become champions. I think Rivers will have to wait one more season.
Denver - I'm still not sure which RBs they are using this year.
Oakland - Seeing McFadden in the pros should be exciting, but I'm not sure how durable he is.
KC - Their new o-line can't be any worse than last year, but it still probably won't be very good.

NFC East
1-Dallas - They are loaded and ready to go on a run!
6- Philly - One more playoff push for Donovan McNabb!
Washington -Zorn!!!!
NY Giants - Take away their 2007 strength (D-linemen) and they won't be able to avoid the cellar in their brutal division.

NFC North
2-Minnesota - If the defense is as good as it is hyped, QB Tavaris Jackson will only have to reach a Trent Dilfer level of competency
5- Green Bay - The Packers could be like the show News Radio when they tried to replace Phil Hartman [aka Brett Favre] with Jon Lovitz [Aaron Rodgers] and moderately failed. Of course, Aaron Rodgers may not even be as good as Jon Lovitz, in which case the Packers probably won't make the playoffs.
Chicago - "Kyle Orton Hears a Who" is the starter? Really?
Detroit - Um... yeah.

NFC South
3- New Orleans - The Saints are back! Again!
TB - No idea.
CAR - Why should anyone believe in Delhomme after Tommy John surgery?
ATL - This team could turn out to be like the show Growing Pains. It's entirely possible that RB Michael Turner is that relatively established star (a la Alan Thicke) who gets added to a young, new cast and starts to make magic happen. The real question is whether rookie QB Matt Ryan can be as good as Kirk Cameron.

NFC West
4-Seattle - they can still win the division even with a lot of injuries going into the season.
Arizona -Kurt Warner... he's back! [say it like the girl in Poltergeist]
St. Louis - I've just given up on these guys.
San Fran - We can also sadly start the countdown for San Fran to fire their coach too.


3-Indy over 6-Jacksonville
5-Buffalo over 4-Pittsburgh

3-Indy over 2-San Diego
1-New England over 5-Buffalo

1-New England over 3- Indy

3-New Orleans over 6-Philly
5-Green Bay over 4-Seattle

1-Dallas over 5-Green Bay
2-Minny over 3-New Orleans

1-Dallas over 2-Minny

Super Bowl: 1- Dallas over 1-New England (Belichick is such a loser!)

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