Monday, September 01, 2008

2008 NFL Preview

The NFL season is attacking like Arnold on a steroid's bender. So once again I get to humiliate myself by making picks that will probably turn out to be completely and totally false. Like most sports enthusiasts making yearly picks I can follow one of two strategies. I can be a sheep and follow the trend setters and historical winners. Yeah I'm really out on a limb picking New England or Indy winning it all
Mighty Mike if he goes with the Pats

The other strategy is to do something completely off the wall. If things end up right then you are hailed as a genius. Things fall flat and well people tend to forget your insane picks. Unless they don't and they you have to beg and plead for another chance.

Hillary Fisher always goes with the precarious pick. It's why she's attracted to my bad ass ways

As part of the great compromise I'll make two sets of picks. The standard following the herd method and the has legs and hope the heels don't get caught in the tractor method.

AFC - Safe

1. New England (easiest schedule)
2. San Diego
3. Indy
4. Pittsburgh
5. Denver
6. Jacksonville

NFC - Safe
1. New Orleans
2. Dallas
3. Seattle
4. Minnesota
5. Philadelphia
6. Washington

Super Bowl: New England over New Orleans

And now the crazy need 2 months of yoga to contort into this position before making crazy animal noises albeit the safe word is banana type of decision

AFC- Crazy
1. Indy (Dungy ascends to heaven during halftime show)
2. San Diego
3. Cleveland (Mighty weeps with joy)
4. New England (Brady is hurt on and off)
5. Houston
6. Toronto (Bills move to Toronto mid-way through the season becoming the first team to win multiple home games in different cities)

NFC Crazy
1. Dallas
2. Tampa (Gruden builds the QB he wants out of the remains of Unitas)
3. Green Bay (Tavaris Jackson is that bad)
4. Arizona (I said crazy dammit)
5. New Orleans
6. Giants (Giants make the playoffs again driving MJ into a rage when Eli outplays Peyton)

San Diego over Dallas (Dallas winning a playoff game? Yes that is crazy)

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