Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 3 - Economically Speaking...

The whole economy almost fell apart this past week. Without getting into specifics, I think the only bright side to this whole situation is that we can brag about the fact that each of us are now minority owners of AIG.

As things appear to have hit rock bottom, you have to remember that things could be worse... like if you were the Seattle Seahawks and you were missing your top SIX wide receivers. 1) Deion Branch is returning at some unknown time, 2) Bobby Engram is returning in the middle of the season, 3) Ben Obomanu broke a clavicle during the last preseason game of the year, 4) Nate Burleson started week 1... and tore an ACL, 5) Seneca Wallace, the QB, was slated to start at WR during week 2 but pulled a calf muscle during warmups and is out one month, 6) Logan Payne was the other starter for week 2... and tore an MCL !

Manwich Matchup
Dallas @ GB - As voted on by the people (1 vote by Publius), this is the Manwich Matchup. It's a rather difficult game to forecast at this point as I can't tell you what Dallas and Green Bay are really capable of, other than a crazy insane shootout.
Pick: Dallas

Upset of the Week
Houston @ Tennessee - I still don't know what to make of the Texans... they had 2 weeks to correct their problems from their opener against the Steelers, but I have no idea if that's enough time. Last season, the Texans narrowly lost to the Titans twice... which would have been enough to propel the Texans to 10-6 and possibly a playoff berth. Let's hope the Texans are hungry for some revenge.
Pick: Houston

KC @ Atlanta - The saddest thing? The Chiefs have quietly been on an ELEVEN GAME losing streak dating to last season. They are also starting Tyler Thigpen at QB, and no, he's not related to former WR Yancy Thigpen.
Pick: Atlanta

Oakland @ Buffalo - The Bills must be loving the schedule right now! They've already played injury-depleted Seattle and Jacksonville... and now they get Oakland then St. Louis next weekend! Buffalo @ Arizona in October could have huge Super Bowl ramifications.
Pick: Buffalo

Cincy @ Giants - The Bungals are back indeed! It all went downhill so fast.
Pick: Giants

Arizona @ Washington - Intriguing stuff here... Publius believes that all will kneel before Zorn. I just think one cannot underestimate the power of Kurt Warner's love for Jesus.
Pick: Arizona

Miami @ New England - It would be funny if the Patriots streak came to a crashing end against the Dolphins.
Pick: New England

Tampa @ Chicago - Brian Griese gets to start against his old team! I love revenge games!
Pick: Tampa

CAR @ Minny - Who in the world created this schedule for the Panthers? First, they beat the Chargers, then they somehow survive Chicago, and now they get pre-season darling Minny... who already has thrown their starter under the bus that is Gus Frerotte. This is now Frerotte's 8th different stop in his amazing NFL Career. Little known fact: Gus made the Pro Bowl back in 1996, despite only throwing 12 TDs! I have to assume he was an injury replacement. Regardless, from now on, he will always be known to me as "Pro Bowler Gus Frerotte."
Pick: CAR

St. Louis @ Seattle - Here comes the strangest toilet bowl game ever. The Seahawks are missing their top 6 receivers and went out and found Koren Robinson in half-decent shape and Keary Colbert hanging out in Denver. Yet, despite all this... the Seahawks are still 9 point favorites against the even more pathetic Rams!
Pick: Seattle

Detroit @ San Fran - Does Steve Mariucci get to toss out the coin before the game starts? I hope so.
Pick: San Fran

New Orleans @ Denver - Yes! A third straight offensive explosion is going to happen for the Broncos. It's going to be a wild ride for these guys this season it seems.
Pick: Denver

Pitt @ Philly - Bragging rights are on the line. I wonder why these two play each other in election years? In 2004, the Steelers crushed the Eagles and the state of Pennsylvania went on to vote for the Democrats in the election. Clearly, there must be some casual connection in all this.
Pick: Philly

Jacksonville @ Indy - Two banged up teams get to play each other. The Jags would appear to be desperate, but I really think it's impossible for them to force their will on anyone at this point w/o their normal O-linemen.
Pick: Indy

Cleveland @ Baltimore - I'll be honest... I haven't given up hope on the Browns winning 7 or 8 games. The Browns look like dog doo so far, but it's been against superior competition. Cobra, Serpentor, or whoever is running the Ravens does not have the right amount of diabolical weapons of mass destruction to thwart the Browns during their desperate week.
Pick: Cleveland

Jets @ San Diego - Well... I have to think THIS is the week the Chargers record their long overdue 1st win.
Pick: San Diego

Last Week: 10-5
Season: 19-12
Manwich: 1-1 (Dallas won the crazy shootout)
Upset of the Week: 1-1 (The Bills are kicking butt and taking names)

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