Monday, September 29, 2008

MMBSD: Relative Gains and Losses

UoF Following Game with Ole Miss

As the weekend in college football showed that there won't be easy sailing into the Mythical Championship game. Similar to last year the difference between the highest ranked and the middle of the pack isn't what it used to be. Heck somedays I think there might be more parity in College Football than in the Pros. Nonetheless all of these losses raises a question of how far to drop losers. As MJ correctly pointed out college football is like boxing (or should be) as teams raise in the ranks typically only if those in front lose. As such the question is how far to drop teams? Is it better to get blown out against top competition as UGA or tOSU did or choke against inferior competition like USC or UF did? Its a hard choice but ultimately its something pollster's need to consider as the farther a team drops the harder it is to ascend again.

My argument is that as college sports are a game of momentum and little leads can balloon into big ones that blowouts are less relevant than losses to inferior competition. Now the difficultly is determining how inferior a team is. Is Oreon State bad given that Penn State earlier blew them out or could it be that USC was over-rated with big wins over weak competition? The one critique I if somehow an SEC team won't be dropped as far as another conference given the perception that somehow the SEC is a better conference. However this a mistake as the definitions of conferences rarely include the bottom rung (especially for lets say a Mississippi team that hasn't made a bowl game since Eli). Anyone that watched Tennessee play Auburn would be hard pressed to shout SEC excellence at that affair.

Mighty's College Top 5
1. Alabama - Best defense in the country with Mount Cody
2. Oklahoma - OU's two favorite words De-Fault
3. LSU - I hate-respect Les Miles
4. Missouri - Toughest regular season games left KU and Texas. Soo OU v. Mizzou in Big 12 Championship again, huh?
5. Penn State- HD Offense is legit

Just a quick few thoughts
  • The Front Office at the NFL continued their reign of do as I say not as I do by fining various people for criticizing the officiating just a few weeks removed from eviscerating a referee. Also Roger Goodell was not suspended for drunk driving his boat while participating in a midget re-enactment of Caligula.
  • Does anyone else get the sense that the Redskins are continuing to improve every week and that should scare a lot of teams. This week they beat the crowned Best Team on Paper on their home turf. So the NFC East's worst team is 2-2. Can we just have a playoff among those 4 to determine who represents the NFC?
  • Does anyone know why this was Damon Huard's first start? Following KC's first win in 4 years or whatever Huard was benched in favor of a strategy to direct snap to Larry Johnson since Herm Edwards is FUCKING INSANE.
  • Who's worse the Rams or the Bengals with Ryan Fitzpatrick ? And for the record there are no wrong answers here
  • I finally realized that Tampa is winning not because Jon Gruden turns scrap heap veterans into gold but because they have an outstanding D that he has absolutely no influence over. Thank you Jon Gruden for letting Brian Billick's legacy live on
  • Is Tennessee the best team in the AFC right now? If not, who?

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