Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Comments: Week 2

Damn, my body is hot.  The off-season workouts and punishing the NFL rules committee has really improved my guns.  Unfortunately, the committee did not accept the paddling for 15 yards penalty but I am optimistic for the future.

I am ready for the NFL season and the dry cleaner shrunk my zebra outfit to a skin tight fit. What? Cutler fumbled?  Damn, I'm going to head lock the rules committee for the empty hand moving forward doctrine. 

NFL- The NFC East is back.  Last night's MNF game proved very little about the Cowboys. Many sports fans picked Dallas to win the NFC East but the Eagles showed a potent offense that can score points with deep threats.  I do not remember the last time the Eagles had a real deep threat.  Granted the deep threat needs to STOP celebrating before he reaches the end zone but hey... rookie mistake right?

Looking ahead, the Eagles have the 2-0 Steelers in town next week.  Last night, the Eagles line gave McNabb time and his health is the key for the continued Eagles resurgence.   The Steelers blitz packages will provide another early season test for the line.  Pick: Eagles

Interesting Week 3 Match-ups
  • 1-1 Oakland at surprising 2-0 Bills: Nobody circles the wagons like the Bills.  Pick BILLS
  • 2-0 Jesus powered Cardinals vs. Washington:  Pick WAS
  • 0-2 STL vs. 0-2 Seattle: The battle of the cellar dwellers!  Pick Seattle
  • 1-1 New Orleans at Denver: If Denver has the power to eliminate Ed Hochuli from Super Bowl contention, what else can they do? DEN
  • 0-2 JAX at Indy: 0-3 JAX? Yup.  Pick Indy
  • 0-2 Steamers at 1-1 Cobra Commander: Brian Billick no longer coaches the evil cobra empire... the legacy lives.  Pick COBRA
  • 2-0 Dallas at 2-0 Green Bay: Gutsy, this should be the manwich.  Pick GB
  • 1-1 Jets at 0-2 Whale's Vagina: I am curious to see how San Diego responds to the blown call last week.  Pick SD
NCAA Football: No joy, electricity, or ability to hold the football in the Big Ten this weekend. The Wolverines currently have the longest streak of winning seasons (40, 1968-present) and bowl games (33, 1975-present) and both streaks are in jeopardy.  Last week the Maze and Blue turned the ball over 6 times vs. ND.  Ugly.  Granted the team is young but the rain impacts both teams and ND did NOT turn the ball over 6 times.

Last year, I beat up OSU QB Todd Boeckman on this blog prior to the clash of Michigan and Ohio State but the staunch OSU defense anchored by the arms of Gholston and the running attack managed to hide this problem.  We saw the problem at USC.  

Editors Note: Watch out for Oklahoma.  Their schedule is far easier (minus Red River classic versus Texas) than Georgia in the fight for the #2 position behind USC.

That is sufficient rambling for one morning.  I'll be back with asinine analysis, douchebaggery, and taunting later this week.

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