Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Necessary Violence - Ninjas

Last week I discussed how violence is necessary in airports (even if your in the white zone). This week we're discussing usage of force in regards to ninjas. The video below shows when violence is ok

1) If your Bruce Lee- I would want to watch Bruce Lee beating up a bunch of orphaned puppies. Everything he does is awesome. From the one inch punch to his defeat of a dragon to foray into quantum mechanics (The Lee Uncertainty Principal later renamed Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal to decrease the fear factor)

2) If your attacked by a lot of ninjas, dojo students, or weird guys in robes - Usage of violence is always ok in self-defense, especially if there's like 20 dudes attacking you.

3) Nunchucks - According to the Supreme Court nunchucks rule. As such if someone comes onto your property usage of nunchucks is totally legal. Its why I always sleep with nunchucks under my pillow

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