Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back Seat Driver: NFL Draft

A big hearty cheer for the Back Seat Driver. What better usage of back seat driving than the NFL draft? Does anyone really know how their team did? You can throw wild accusations but like monkey's throwing poo, sometimes what you throw sticks and sometimes it doesn't. Here are a few impressions I have of NFL Draft 2006.

Mel v. Jaws v. Titans- In the battle of the gurus each of the three bet on which of the three QBS will ultimately be the best. Saint Mel Kiper of Hairspray had Matt "Hollywood" Leinart as the top QB. Ron Jaworski claimed to have broken the tapes down and stated emphatically that Jay Cutler would be the best pro (he then proceeded in stabbing Merrill Hodge with a salad fork). The Titans brain trust (read the owner who's a Longhorn fan) felt Vince Young was the way to go. These three gunslingers will forever be linked as well will their sponsors. Personally I think Leinart will be the worst of the three.

Chicago's GM is Steve Smith - Now The Chicago Bears Presented by Bank One had two problems last year: the offensive side of the ball and Steve Smith. Steve Smith torched the secondary. Of course the Bears offense could be described as lifeless but thats an insult to the undead. Nonetheless in the draft the Bears primarily decided to address their Steve Smith problem (and defense in general) by drafting 5 straight defensive players. Odd move to say the least.

Plugging Holes for the USS Steamer - Alleged draft guru Phil Savage was faced with quandry....the Browns have more problems than draft picks. Savage addressed the linebacker problem (better known as they have no pass rush, speed, coverage, etc) and added a little depth to positions that were thin (3rd down running back, receiver, cornerback, guard). I liked the linebacker picks up, given the need for a pass rush and premium on a linebacker(s) that could cover tight ends. That said the defensive line got minimal help and for a team that doesn't have a defensive end that seems to strike me as a problem. I'm decidedly neutral on their draft.

Chris Berman Made a Funny - Albeit at the Giants expense. The pickup of Mathias Kiwanuka requires more explanation than Berman's observation that Giants will be a good position to win the player name scrabble competition. Giants had strength at defensive end/pash rush. Drafting Kiwanuka didn't seem to fill a need and given that his stock fell due to the fact that he was dominated during the senor bowl seems doubly confusing.

Things that I liked - Jets (sigh) played it safe and drafted the offensive line of the future. Mangini doesn't fall far from the Belichek tree. Andy Reid and the Eagles continue to draft the line and hope wide receivers are a dime a dozen. Hey its worked so far. Green Bay got at least 4 starters from the first two rounds. I was really suprised how articulate William Henderson was. Who would expect a fullback to be so insightful?

Things I disliked - Pittsburgh taking players I (and Gutsy) like. Why must they pollute the MAC and steal OSU players? How much hype USC gets. OSU (9 players) and FSU (8) were in the same ballpark as the supposed greatest draft class ever(USC). Anytime Michael Irvin is on tv. He should be forced to cover the Juneau 5 K turkey trot. NBA ref's calling playoff games so tight so that they aren't even fun to watch. But thats a seperate issue. Anway the floor is open....

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