Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Week that Was....

Well today's wonderful column will take a look at some of the trends going on, where they are going and how we got there? If your me, its typically via bus and hopefully not downtown because you'd never figure out how to get back.

Anyway here we go:

Chicago White Sox v. Law of Averages - Last year the Dirty Sox caught the lucky bounce every time and had an outstanding record in one run games. This year they're already 0-2 in one run games. Obviously its one week in but perhaps the law of averages are catching up to Chicago. On the plus side Thome seems to be destroying the ball (both by hitting homers and running them over with his pickup truck). If Thome can stay healthy the DirtySox have a lot more offense this time around.

Boston finds a closer - Keith Faulk has no arm anymore. Sure they might say that he's rehabbing or not quite there or as soon as the planets realign he'll return to form. Well its not happening. Papelbon fills the role anyway. If he can pitch the way he did this past week for the rest of the year, Boston's bullpen looks a lot more solid and hence the rest of the country have to deal with Boston Red Sox fans (or more so)...Sigh

Tim Duncan Just Ain't Right - Ever seen that South Park were everyone becomes a zombie? Sure Johnson looks the same and talks the same but he moves all hurky-jerky and he tends to feast on brains. Well I haven't seen Duncan feast on any brains but his movements remind me of a zombie or at least posessed by an alien. His movements are slow, his energy is low and he got bodied out of the box by Desagna Diop. Maybe Duncan has been storing his energy waiting for the playoffs to strike but if the current Duncan is the one that shows up come playoff time, San Antonio isn't escaping the West.

Free Agents - Remember when Lavar Arrington paid millions of dollars to get out of his current contract to go beat up Joe Gibbs? Yeah well, funny story, he's still not signed anywhere. Lavar is holding out, hope against hope that millions of dollars come raining down from the sky for his award winning personality and acumene in how to safely invest in Latin America. Best of luck buddy but if your not signed by draft day, the money you earn will be less than the 4 million you spent to get free of your contract.

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