Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Complete And Utter Disgrace

Here’s the latest from the newest member of the NFL’s “Despicable Prima Donna Club”:

“I haven't talked to him; I've just listened to him. It sounds like he may be setting himself up to be traded.” -John Madden

If the thought of playing for a team with crummy prospects in 2006 bothers him so much, Brett Favre should retire. But to put his franchise through the ringer because he can’t come to a decision flies in the face of all the times he chastised his own teammates for being selfish when they missed training camp or argued about their contracts or playing time. To manipulate a trade would be a shameful act on his part.

I know that several athletes have done this (ARod and Big Unit among them) but Favre transcends most athletes. He IS Green Bay Packers football. He’s more important than Paul Hornung and Max McGee. He’s on the same level as Bart Starr. He’s the most famous and relevant player in that franchise’s history in 30 years and he’s only a hair below Vince Lombardi.

Brett Favre is a complete and utter disgrace. It’s only too bad that the franchise is bending over backwards for him. They should refuse to trade him and force him to retire. If he signs elsewhere after retiring, it’ll be Favre’s, and not Green Bay’s legacy that will be tarnished.

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