Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mock Draft II: Wrath of Kahn

Top 15 Picks courtesy of Mighty Mike's imagination

1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush. Anything else you here is just leverage for the contract.
Alternative: Mario Williams

2. New Orleans Saints - Mario Williams. They have a fever and the only cure is Mario (or cowbell)
Alternatives: Trade, AJ Hawk

3. Tennesse Titans -Matt Leinart. I think the buzz right now is to keep other teams from trading up and stealing Leinart.
Alternatives - Vince Young

4. NY Jets - D'Brickshaw Ferguson - Oh to have an offensiveline.
Alternatives - Leinart, Mario, Tickets to see Mama Mia

5. Green Bay Packers- AJ Hawk. Safest pick in the draft. Downside get to see more of Brady Quinn's sister.
Alternatives - Mario Williams

6. San Fran 49ers - Vernon Davis. A tight end that runs a 4.3
Alternatives - Michael Huff

7. Oakland Raiders- Vince Young. Cali is where he gets his mac on.
Alternatives -QBs Leinart or Cutler.

8. Buffalo Bills - Winston Justice OT. Bills need help on the line. Any line (offensive, defensive, thin red)
Alternatives- Broderick Bunkley DT

9. Detroit - Its Millen so anything is possible. My guess is Michael Huff since he's the best defensive player left.
Alternatives - Jay Cutler (detroit needs a real QB), Ernie Sims (has drawn comparisons to Derrick Brooks)

10. Arizona - Ernie Sims. Time to work on the defense.
Alternatives - Jay Cutler. Anyone else that I've listed that drops.

11. Saint Louis - They lost two DTs in the off-season so Broderick Bunkley makes sense.
Alternatives : Any cornerback (Tye Hill). Outside possibility of Jay Cutler. Finally could go for 10 pounds of Ted Drewe's frozen custard with choice of fixins.

12. Cleveland Browns - Halati Nagati. The Dog Pound salivates if they get the massive run stopper.
Alternatives - Bunkley, Wimbley (DE). It will be one of these players I'm willing to bet 100 bucks of Hart's money with anyone.

13. Baltimore Ravens - Jimmy Williams (cornerback). Their corners are old and smelly and nobody likes them.
Alternatives - There's like 5 corners and they are basically interchangable so really any one of them will do. Billick might also draft himself in a fiendish plot to get a signing bonus.

14. Philadelphia - My guess is they trade down.
Alternatives - They choose not to select anyone. Other Possibilities also include Chad Greenway or some other weak side linebacker.

15. Denver - Santonio Holmes- Denver is drafting a WR. Lelie is out the door and Methusulah isn't getting any younger
Alternatives - Chad Jackson

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