Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mock Draft 2006 - The Final Frontier

Considering I know hardly anything about the different players available this year, I feel this makes me just about as qualified as most of the other people who create mock drafts.

I first just wanted to state how I think it is so hysterically funny when all the pundits talk about all the QB busts that occur in the 1st round and then they advocate waiting until the later rounds to find a Tom Brady. What’s so funny, is that while the 1st round remains about a 50-50 proposition (for every Manning there’s a Ryan Leaf), the later rounds are an even LARGER crap shoot! I mean, there might be 12 later round QBs chosen each year, and of those, if 3 pan out and become regular starters, that would be considered a good draft (I haven't done the research, I'm trying to be generous). So in the end, you really have a lower chance of picking a quality player in the later rounds, but its just at a lower level of commitment/risk because the player doesn’t get a huge contract.

Anyways, onto the draft… I’m going to attempt the...

Fine Fifteen

1. Houston Texans – Reggie Bush RB – USC
So now that we all know that Reggie’s parents were living the good life for the last year, I wonder how long it will be until other violations are found. This stuff is rampant at all of the schools, I mean we've all seen the movie "Blue Chips." Anyways, I think Houston is stuck drafting this guy just to keep the fans happy.
Side bet: Does Houston RB Dominack Davis get traded? If so, what does he go for? I’ll guess a 3rd-round pick.

2. New York Jets (by trade) – Matt Leinart QB – USC
In the end, the Jets can’t avoid making a huge splash to keep up with the Giants who recently traded up for Eli Manning. I realize the Jets will have 3 QBs if this trade happens, but honestly, Chad Pennington’s arm isn’t capable of competing in a Pee-Wee league, so really, this is about a guy tutoring behind new NY Jets QB Patrick Ramsey.

3. Tennessee Titans – Vince Young, QB- Texas
This is probably way too high for Young, but I believe the Titans will enjoy grooming Young behind another guy, Steve McNair, who also started out as an athletic QB who needed some grooming.

4. New Orleans (by trade from Jets) – D’Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia
The Saints successfully trade down, enabling them to still grab the man with a very marketable name, “D’Brickashaw.” Brick-house, Brick-street, there are many names this guy can go by which can only mean that he will be very successful.

5. Green Bay Pakcers – Mario Williams, DE NC St.
Who wants to fill out a Mad-lib?!?!?!!:
Now that Vince Young went early, the ________ (adjective) Packers are _________(verb) to be able to draft a D-lineman for their team. Of course, the selection must be ___________ (verb) by the man who __________(verb) the franchise, Brett Favre. Here’s to another year of the ___________ (adjective) Peter King telling us how Brett Favre may be having his last game in ___________ (noun, place). I am also __________(verb) of Peter King’s columns on _____________(noun). Brett Favre is the best _____________ (noun) in the NFL at ______________ (noun).

6. San Francisco 49ers – AJ Hawk, LB Ohio St.
Everyone else in America has Vernon Davis at this spot, but with AJ Hawk available, I believe the 49ers would be smarter just picking a defensive talent.

7. Oakland Raiders – Huff, DB Texas
I just don’t think the Raiders ever draft QBs, because they enjoy taking them from other teams, after they’ve already been developed. Not a bad strategy, but its unknown what Aaron Brooks will do. I will say this though, Randy Moss makes any QB with a strong arm look good.

8. Buffalo – Vernon Davis, TE Maryland
This would be a great pick, and would be able to take away some of the focus off of WR Lee Evans on the outside.

9. Detroit – Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
I’m just kidding. But that would be the funniest thing ever if they decided to draft another receiver just for “Tradition.” Real pick: Justice, OT USC – what better way to build a team then with actual lineman? I know, it makes too much sense.

10. Arizona - Bunkley DT Florida State
I have no idea, this is just a name I saw on the internet.

11. St. Louis – Lawson LB/DE NC St.
The Rams never have any defense.

12. Cleveland – Greenway LB, Iowa
I feel like Cleveland will grab the highest LB on the board. Maybe a DT, but definitely one of those two positions.

13. Baltimore – Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
There’s no way Coack Brian “the Brains” Billick would pass on a top-tier QB who falls this far. Especially considering that the Kyle Boller experiment has to be coming to an end at some point soon.

14. Philly - Ngata, DT Oregon
Sure, why not.

15. Denver – Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio State
It’s too bad Tagliabue can’t joke around with the Lions pick. Seriously, this would be a good fit for Holmes and Denver. Denver will take a WR no matter what, considering that Rod Smith is an elder statesman at this point.

MAC Players:
I’m expecting QB Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green, to go in the 4th round. What’s scary is that when you compare Jacobs to recent MAC-grad, Charlie Frye. Frye put up a 3500 yard, 22 TD, 9 INT season followed by a 2600 yard, 18 TD, 8 INT season. In 2004, Jacobs put up a 4000 yard, 45 TD, 4 INT season. Last season, Jacobs “disappointed” everyone because he put up a 2600 yard, 26TD, 7 INT season in an injury-plagued season (he only played 8 complete games). So basically, Omar was stuck on a bad team, and he put up comparable stats to Frye. I’m intrigued to say the least to follow his career.

I’m expecting WR Martin Nance from Miami-Ohio to go in the 5th round. I was trying to find some predictions on him, but it was tough. He’s listed as the 11th best receiver on one site. Anyways, Martin Nance is a tall target with speed, but he tore his ACL once (in 2004), so his stock is probably lower than it would have been otherwise.

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