Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Boston Poop Sacks

I’ve never liked Kevin Millar – in fact he’s the one player from the 2003-2005 Red Sox that I probably hated the most* – but this gag is just tops in my book.

From the Boston Globe:

“Kevin Millar, who was in the Twin Cities with Baltimore over the weekend, left a gift for Francona in the visiting manager’s office. The gift: a bag of dog poop. “It said, ‘Here’s to Francona,’” the skipper recounted. “I opened it, reached in, I didn’t realize what it was. I just called him back and said, ‘Any chance you had of ever coming back here just went right down the toilet with that bag.’”

*MJ’s Top 10 Most Hated Red Sox (2003-2005):

1. Kevin “Scuzz” Millar
2. Curt “Faker” Schilling
3. “Manny Being Manny” Ramirez
4. Mike “Texas Klansman” Timlin
5. Keith “Queer As” Foulke
6. Jason “Wimpy” Varitek
7. Doug “Dirty Game” Mirabelli (aka “Poor Man’s AJ Pierzynski”)
8. Gabe “All Juice” Kapler
9. Trot “More Juice” Nixon
10. Pedro “Daddy” Martinez^

^Note: Now that he’s on the Mets, I can’t help but really like Pedro’s off-beat personality. While on the Red Sox, however, I found him to be beyond annoying.

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