Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheers and Jeers: Throw Down

Normally Cheers and Jeers is reserved for light hearted banter and random pictures but the Cleveland "only reason they aren't the poster child for dysfunctional organization is Al Davis " Browns have a made the news for a reason other than their anemic on field performance. In this case its a Phil Savage v. Kellen Winslow he said-he said slugfest. The background is that K2 contracted a staph infection and accused the Browns of covering it up and called out the Savage for not doing more to protect players. In response Savage suspended Winslow because" the comments really called into question the integrity of our medical staff and the organization as a whole,"

To this I reply, how could anyone not call into the integrity of the medical staff and the organization as a whole? After several instances of staph included one where Lecharles Bentley not only had his career ended but nearly his life the organization made changes. However since then another case of staph ended Joe Jurevicious' career and once again infected Winslow. As to the Browns response they hid the information from other players and the public in attempt to manage the PR nightmare. (while the Browns say it was a mutual decision its hard to come to anything but a labrynthian explanation for why Winslow wanted the situation covered up). Rather than the Browns saying further steps are being taken they preferred to ignore it. Its shameful, manipulative and frankly unconscionable. While I've heard a few complain about HOW Winslow delivered it and less on the substance I find this ridiculous. This is someone's career and life, and he was placed in a position that he should publicly lie about it for the sake of an organization that has not solved a serious health condition. Ultimately its the responsible of the owner for keeping the fans happy, the players healthy and the team not resembling a Chinese fire-drill. Lerner has failed on all of these and ultimately he is responsible for this epic failure.

Anyway some Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: OSU v. Penn State. Bring it on!

Cheers: To the SEC Ref Tackling youtube sensation. The former linebacker turned referee smashed the South Carolina running back into the ground. While the forearm shiver I was ok with the dance afterwords might have been a little excessive.

Cheers: To unsurprising news. For those that don't follow Austrian politics that closely for the past decade or so Jorg Haider has led one of the most influential and successful of far-right/neo-nazi parties in all of Europe. However Haider died in a firey car crash following a booze filled night. Turns out Haider not only did he get drunk at a gay club on the night he died but he had an ongoing "special" relationship with Stefan Petzner, the parties' #2 leader. So basically a hate-filled party is filled with a bunch of closet cases and sufferers of reaction-formation. Yeah really surprising.

Cheers: To the start of the NBA. I await Gutsy mad-NBA preview skills but I'm picking the Lakers over the Cavs because there's no end to my sports suffering.

Jeers: To the axeman. While in some cases firing coaches is certainly justified (ahem Linehan cough cough). I have a feeling this year in the copy cat NFL coaches heads will be randomly rolling.

Cheers/Jeers: To a Hockey Game Delayed by a Dildo. I can't decide if that's a funny thing or crazy thing that shouldn't be replicated as in theory children watch hockey.

And Cheers to the C&J gal of the Week...Rachel Bilson

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