Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Fiscal New Year

The government dorks know that October 1 means the start of FY 2009.  Happy fiscal new year! Uncle Sam, like many teams in the NFL (see, transition) is hobbling along on pride, guts, and printed money.

Former Superpowers:

NE Patriots: The Pats are 2-1 in one of the weaker divisions in the AFC.  The surprising Bills have squeaked out games against mediocre opponents such as the Raiders and this week take on the Jesus powered Cardinals.  The AFC East should be close all year and I'm looking forward to the face to face meeting between the former super power Pats and "Nobody Circles the Wagons" like the Buffalo Bills.   Pick: NE over SF, and Buffalo over Jesus.  Pictured below is the medicine Kurt Warner and Jesus powered Cardinals require.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Yes, they won Monday night against a well prepared Cobra Commander.  In the meantime, the body count for Pittsburgh stacks up.  Ray Lewis shanked Steelers rookie Rashard Mendenhall leaving the Steelers one healthy RB Mewelde Moore.  Who?  The body count gets worse... the Steelers lost another back up RB, and Kendall Simmons (thankfully not related to Bill Simmons).  Editors note: can Bill Simmons stay up late enough to give the Red Sox a west coast rim job?

Honestly, the Steelers are banged up but who else can contend? Will anyone stand up and knock the wounded Steelers into 2nd place?  Next week: JAX

The AFC South: Mighty Mike maintains TN is the best team in the AFC.  By record, he is right.  This week the Titans lock up with Cobra Commander.  The Titans schedule says the real test will begin later this season.  The Titans have game #2 against Jax, 2 versus the Colts, GB, and Pittsburgh.   The title of the post is Happy Fiscal new year and someone please remind the Colts that the regular season began four weeks ago.  The Colts are my vote for fastest falling super power.

Honorable mentions: Green Bay and Seattle.

The NFC East is brutal!  This week the Foreskins follow-up a great win at Dallas with a trip to the city of brotherly love and batteries, Philly.  Great.  The Eagles, in a determined effort to help the Bears look good at home, decided to not use their mobile QB.  I screamed for a play action boot leg!  Instead, the Eagles ran a dive play allowing the outside linebackers to crash around the line and stop the Eagles on 4th and goal.  The NFC East is full of nasty teams. Pick: Redskins.  The Giants take on Seattle (yawn) and the Cowsluts take on the hopeless 0-4 Bengals (double yawn).  

Other musings...

Oklahoma as #1 is a reward for a soft schedule relative to the SEC.  Just play Texas and get it over with.  Win a real game.  

Gentlemen, enjoy baseball tonight.  Any picks for baseball??

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