Friday, October 10, 2008

Cheers and Jeers: Uplifting Edition

  • Red Bull
  • Vodka
  • Repeat as Necessary

As the world wildly careens over the edge and into the abyss its probably time to take stock of things we can all enjoy before we have to change into our "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" outfits (which I believe is more of a spring fashion thing anyways). So an abbreviated Cheers (and jeers) before I run out to stock up on water, duct tape and bullets (possibly the only sound investment)

Cheers: Mighty being wrong. A few weeks ago I was curious about a mass migration of NBA players leaving for Europe. While still a chance it could happen, there's an equal chance that the Euro ceases. So even I can be wrong. Which is good because I think Lebron will prefer staying in the US rather than get paid in feta cheese (which I believe is Greece's reserve currency)

Cheers: The Stiff-Arm of Doom. Thankfully in our times of trouble we can turn to men of action, confidence, and strength (obviously not the US government). Instead in Beanie we trust. Whether you are for and against tOSU (which I assume will soon be owned by Walmart in a few weeks) watching a punishing running back crush a DB with a single arm is truly a cheers worthy event

Cheers: Puppy scrum. If feeling depressed I recommend looking at puppies. Honestly if you feel nothing than its a clear sign that you've been working on Wall Street too long
Cheers: To my Big Book of Pretty Pussies. One of the all time great books. There were just so many to choose from. However these amazing authors were able to pick out the finest, softest, most inviting and open pretty pussies on the planet. Just kind of warms the cockles and even sub-cockles.

Anyway our C&J gal of the week: Erika Underwood

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