Sunday, October 05, 2008

MMBSD: Recovery

BK -Mighty's Yom Kippur's Arch-Nemesis

Rare is the word recovery used in sports. For all the talk of upsets and upstarts the weak rarely inherent the earth as the good Lord did not take into account the mighty. Its a good story when the sports titans fall but its a story written too early.
College Football
For those writing the obit of USC or tOSU both schools took steps to reimpose their pride on their respective conferences. While Jim “I’m not looking to have the biggest package in the world,” Tressel said. “I’m looking to have the most effective one." Tressel's schemes might lack style or creativity the players the clearly have the skillset to overcome Wisconsin. While USC might fall asleep on top of 2 am last call girl, you know they'll perform when the swimsuit model needs attention.

The only fortunate part of the week is that it brings us a week closer to internal SEC and Big 12 showdowns that allow us to discount the perrenial pretenders. Like Lucy holding a football for Charlie Brown every year sports writers fall for mediocore Big 12 teams (oh maybe this is Texas Tech's year). Thankfully that'll soon be done and we can focus on the inevitable Mizzou v. OU Dr.Pepper shoot out.

Mighty's Top 5
1. OU
2. Alabama
3. Mizzou
4. PSU
5. LSU

Pro Football
Mighty decided for random WashU picture from the debate

Speaking of gone but not forgotten the Colts came back and seemed to score more points in 30 seconds than they had all year. Suddenly the Colts clicked and 21 points were put up. Similiarly the Pats offense put up points on 49ers as the reigning AFC Champs will continue to hang around the tops of the AFC East. The one time I think its safe to say is a bust (outside of the obvious Browns and the receiver less Seahawks) are the Chargers. Bad coaching eventually catches up and the Chargers defense seems to exhibit A.

The one change that I think is becoming more apparent is General Zorn. A week after taking the Cowboys they tore through the Eagles. Each game, each quarter the Redskins improve.

Some Questions after This Week
1. Is anyone going to notice the Packer's can't run anymore?
2. Tennesse's Winning Ugly beats Seahawk's Ugly Ugly losses
3. Who's the best QB in the league this season? I have Roethlisberger.
4. Who would Carolina have to beat to be in the possible NFC Title hunt?
5. If the Colts hadn't scored 21 in the last 4 seconds or whatever how big would the spotlight on Manning's play been?

Amy Whitten says "Kneel Before Zorn!"

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