Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 8 - A New Strategy

Considering it appears that the NFL appears on a collision course for having 20 teams that are 8-8, it's time for a new strategy: DESPERATION! The team that is less hot is the one that I will generally pick! So now I will pick a lot of games based on teams rebounding from the previous week. Of course I can't use this for every game, but it seems so hard to have a winning streak in today's NFL. Let's try it out!

Manwich Matchup of the Week
Giants @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers have won 3 in a row, while the Giants have won just 1 won in a row.
Pick: Giants

Upset of the Week-
Indy @ Tennessee- It makes no sense at all, I know.
Pick: Indy

Oakland @ Baltimore - They both won last week... but I think the Ravens are hungrier.
Pick: Baltimore

San Diego @ New Orleans @ London - Eesh... both teams are coming off losses. But the Chargers seem more together at the moment than the Saints, despite the revenge factor of Drew Brees finally playing his old teammates.
Pick: San Diego

KC @ Jets - It's the Herman Edwards bowl! I liked how when I flipped by ESPN on Tuesday, the bottom line said that Herman Edwards would not sign QB Daunte Culpepper but instead would sign QB Bruce Gradkowski. But then... surprise! Herman Edwards signed the laughable QB Quinn Gray.
Pick: Jets

Buffalo @ Miami - Well... this one is tough. My new strategy says to pick the Dolphins, but the Bills have been my surprise team this year.
Pick: Buffalo

Tampa @ Dallas - I'm not making exceptions for the Cowboys. They are completely screwed at this point with all their injuries.
Pick: Tampa

Atlanta @ Philly - Both teams are coming off byes but Atlanta is on the longer winning streak... so...
Pick: Philly

St. Louis @ New England - The Rams have gone from winless to knocking off the Redskins and Cowboys. Could they make it 3 in a row? That seems like asking too much.
Pick: New England

Arizona @ CAR - Arizona's won 2 in a row, which seems like too many. CAR's only won one in a row, so why not?
Pick: CAR

Washington @ Detroit - The Lions are another exception. They are trying to lose out the season.
Pick: Washington

Cleveland @ Jacksonville - The Browns are a walking disaster. If I was the owner of the team, I would fire the GM Phil Savage for defending the Cleveland Clinic (who run the Browns' facility which has caused SEVEN cases of staph infection), fire the Cleveland Clinic, and start going to a new facility to ensure that the players aren't exposed to any staph infections.
Pick: Jacksonville

Seattle @ San Fran - The 49ers have lost 4 in a row, but now they have a new coach. The Seahawks have only lost 3 in a row.
Pick: San Fran

Cincy @ Houston - No hope for the Bungals. None. You have to fire your coach to win some games- just ask the Rams and Raiders.
Pick: Houston

Last Week: 7-7 (i'm in a really BIG slump)
Season: 56-46
Manwich: 3-4 (I should have stuck by my surprise team Buffalo, as opposed to San Diego)
Upset of the Week: 1-6 (I picked Denver and they lost by 30 some points.)

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