Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 7 - Zombie Nation

You know what rises from the dead to creat pure havoc? Zombies! This past week, two teams created pure havoc on the NFL... the 1-3 Cleveland Browns who were playing the undefeated and Super Bowl defending New York Giants and the winless and hapless St. Louis Rams who were playing the 4-1 Washington Redskins who had already knocked off the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Both the Browns and the Rams were left for dead. No one even spoke of them on the pre-game shows, out of respect for the deceased...
but suddenly, it's as if the entire NFL became repossed by ZOMBIES! The Rams knocked off the Redskins and the Browns put a wallop on the Giants. Desperate times call for desperate measures... including coaches that recite incantations to gather the strength of a hundred zombies.

What does this mean going forward? 3 things:
1) That absolutely no dead team is truly dead
2) Any team can become a Zombie at any time.
3) I am not good at predicting which teams are Zombies

Manwich Matchup of the Week
San Diego @ Buffalo - A very intriguing matchup. I know that I've been touting the Bills all season as my super-surprise team, but I don't believe the Bills have the horses to withstand the force that is the Chargers.
Pick: San Diego

Upset of the Week
New Orleans @ CAR - The NFC South is very difficult to handicap. The Panthers can't be as bad as they showed last week? Right?
Pick: New Orleans

Tennessee @ KC - Tennessee is not the best team in the NFL... but I don't have panache to pick KC.
Pick: Tennessee

Pitt @ Cincy - The end does not even seem in sight for the Bungals. Just fire Coach Marvin Lewis right now.
Pick: Pitt

Baltimore @ Miami - It's always fun to see Cobra go on a big losing streak!
Pick: Miami

Dallas @ St. Louis - Even w/o Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Pacman Jones, Terence Newman, and the punter, Dallas should still win this game. Barely. Plus, let's not forget that they traded a 1st, 3rd, and 6th round pick for WR Roy Williams. That's what we call "putting it all on the line for this season!" My whole prediction of the NFC East going 32-0 versus the AFC North and the NFC West went down the toilet quickly last week, as the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants all lost!
Pick: Dallas

Minny @ Chicago - This is an intruging matchup as well. There are good arguments in favor of each team winning, such as both have a RB named Adrian Peterson.
Pick: Chicago

San Fran @ Giants - No way the Giants lose two in a row.
Pick: Giants

Detroit @ Houston - The Texans are 9 point favorites, which should say a lot about their opponents, the Detroit Lions! The Lions really may go 0-16 this season at this rate, especially if their QB mistakenly walks out the back of the endzone for a safety.
Pick: Houston

Jets @ Oakland - Coach Mangina has been in a really good mood lately with this junior varsity schedule.
Pick: Jets

Cleveland @ Washington - So... the Cleveland Zombies suddenly look like worldbeaters. The real question is will Coach Romeo Crennel continue to make risky decisions and play calls? Probably not, because he's conservative and stupid by nature. However, the Cleveland O-line was looking fantastic this past week.
Pick: washington

Indy @ Green Bay - The Packers can't run or do anything correctly.
Pick: Indy

Seattle @ Tampa - Yawn.
Pick: Tampa

Denver @ New England - Now is the time for the Pats to win a game. Right?!? Wrong! I think the bottom is far away.
Pick: Denver

Last Week: 7-7 (i'm in a BIG slump)
Season: 49-39 (I'm still below the Theismann line of stupidity)
Manwich: 3-3 (Hooray for the Chargers!)
Upset of the Week: 1-5 (I picked Miami over Houston, and they got beat at the last second. It's funny that this year, there have been about 5 upsets every weekend, yet I've only hit one so far)

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