Monday, October 27, 2008

MMBSD: Lesson's Learned

Another week of sports, lots of important lessons learned. So what were some of those lessons?

Texas Deserves That #1 Spot
Far be it for me to actually compliment the Big 12 but I don't think there's a doubt anymore that if Texas can escape Tech next week they'll be skating on flapjacks towards the BCS Championship and deservedly so. 4 straight weeks of top 10 teams seems a nearly impossible feat to even have let alone dominate.

SEC Murky at Best
While Alabama has the top ranking in the SEC, Florida and Georgia appear to be hitting their stride. Florida has won its last 3 games by a score of 152-33. Yeah thats not a misprint. Meanwhile Georgia keelhauled LSU as perhaps their offensive line injuries might be contained. This week at the Biggest Cocktail Party not located in international waters, UGA v. Florida will fight for their right to make Nick Saban sad (or frankly feel something at all).

PSU Jazzercises Demons

Penn State overcame their constant penchant for losing at Michigan, did the same to tOSU. JoePa hadn't won in the Horshoe since he faced a freshman QB, the country was delusioned with economies woes, and a great communicator was manuevering to win the White House. Ah how thing's change. Nonetheless all the credit in the world to Penn State but tOSU lost for the same reason it has over the past 4 seasons. Turnovers and play calling. In the past 12 big games over teh past 4 years OSU is -17 in Big Games. Add in craptastic Play Calling and it was predistined outcome

Must be some pre-recessionary thing I vaguely remember. 2 straight weeks of no real upsets

Honestly I don't think we learned a lot this week. Bills over-rated? Steelers have hoooorible offensive line? Drew Brees can throw well on the other side of the Atlantic? Nope nothing really new here.

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